Interior fittings, hand straps, hangers, etc.


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On our 85 Vanagon the strap next to the sliding door broke off. I can't see how it is attached so I can install another strap.

Thanks Lono

Capt. Mike

You tap the plastic top (coat hook) upwards with a piece of wood and a plastic mallet. It will slide up, clearing the Phillips head screws. The strap is sandwiched between a bracket and a plate that is then covered by the slide-over plastic hook.

[Please also note the "Grab bar" topic in the TIPS forum -- it's applicable to this topic as well.]


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Sagging Visors

I recently purchased a 87 Westy that I've been using for a daily driver for the past month and restoring on weekends. The driver and passenger sun visor "default" trailing end position is about 2" below the headliner. I can push the passenger side up and against the headliner and it will remain there for a few minutes, but the driver side just immediately sags down.

I've take the visors off to see it can be tightened in some way but I didn't see any means of adjustment. I noted during this process that the plastic around the mounting screws was extremely brittle as well. The clips seem tight -- I thought about wrapping them with tape to help but I do not feel they are the cause of the problem.

Can anyone share a tip that would help tighten up the visors?

Thanks in advance.