Instrument panel removal 71 type 2


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I am restoring a 1971 camper and the ignition switch burned up. I am trying to get the dash cluster out but the heater control leaver won't come through the slots because the ends are bent, I already removed the plastic parts. There are two red and two blue. Anyone know how to remove the cluster?


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Those heater/vent levers are held in place with retaining clips at their bases which have to be removed. Then the lever will slide out. There was no need to actually remove the plastic knobs, since the clips are at the other end of the levers.

When I had to do this on my bus, I ended up breaking the retaining clips, and couldn't readily find replacements. But you really don't need them. The levers will slide back into their bases just fine and as long as you're not actually pulling out on the levers as you adjust them, you're fine. And leaving them off will simplify things when you have to take the instrument panel out again, to replace a bulb perhaps.

Speaking of which, there is a bulb which fits the instrument panel socket but which is brighter than the bulb that your owner's manual says to use. The originals were Osram 2721, which were 1.2 watts. What you want is the 2722, which is 2 watts. It makes a huge difference in being able to read your instruments at night. So while the panel is out, it's a good time to replace all those bulbs. (I myself am using 2723s which are brighter yet -- 2.3 watts -- but I've heard that they will make your dimmer switch burn out faster. But I replaced that switch a couple of years ago,, and haven't had issues with it.)