Info for towing a Westy


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Can someone tell me the acceptable method for towing an 86 Westy if the need should arise? Such as tow only with front wheels on the ground, disconnect drive shaft and tow with all four wheels on the ground, or put the camper on a flat bed? Thanks, Gary.
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A complete and detailed description of towing is given in your Bentley pages 6-7, including differences between models & years, equipment needed, and speed/mileage restrictions.

With the plethoria of 4WD, AWD and other restrictions in the towing industry, "Hook & chain" towing is fast becoming obsolete. Roll-backs and all-wheel dolly rigs are so common, just specify one when you call for a tow job.


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I have had two disablements on the road. Both at stop lights in the middle of the road. I called for a roll-back.

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