In search of an affordable VW Camper cutie- may wind up being my home & ride!


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Hello all! I am new to this forum & am in deep search of a VW Camper. I'm mostly into the older 60's-70's types- the older looking the better! However, any type/years will do as long as it's in my price range & if the motor works great. It can be used also. I'm looking at something that begins around $1,000, but no higher than $5,000. However, I'm not sure where that will get me as IDK much about these kinds of vehicles yet & am still learning about them. Unfortunately, the way my budget is, it may take up to 1-2 years to come up w/ that amount unless a miracle happens, or unless payment arrangements are allowed to be made. :)

For anyone who has any info or even any deals, plz let me know! Thx in advance!!



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Hey there!

Im fairly new to VW's myself and kinda have the same budget as you. ive been scouring the interwebs for some good sites. one that i found is they seem to have some really good westys for sale. its a site that has westys for sale by the owners not dealers, though there are SOME dealers on there lol. worth a check out. :)
the exact part of the site i look at is....

I hope this helps some. :)



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Another site worth investigating is the Itinerant Air-Cooled site:

It's good not only for the occasional ad, but for contacts with people in your area (and most of the good deals in these cars comes from word-of-mouth, not ads).

Good luck, and happy hunting!