Ignition coil need replacement? Resistance high


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My bus: 1980 air cooled 2.0L CV engine.

I read the resistances (ohms) for the cables from the distributor cap.
Two out of three of the Spark plug connectors were 1500 ohms when it should be 1000 +/- 400 (i think this is ok)
But!!! The Suppressor cable from ignition coil to distributor cap is 4000ohms!!! It should be 1000+/-400. Do those really need to be replaced?
Rotor arm reading was fine.

Ignition coil readings were high too (28.10a for anyone with a bentley) Dont know if these really matter although the manual is telling me to replace it...
Terminal 1 to terminal 4 reads 3860ohms - suggested 2400-3500
terminal 1 and terminal 15 reads 1.5ohms - suggested 0.52-0.76

Thanks in advance!