I screwed up


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Last week I was trying to use the windshield sprayer to get the bug guts off my shield and it barely squirts. Long story short I found some spray nozzles on Gowesty so I ordered them and got them yesterday. This morning I woke up excited to do some work on my westy so popped out the first sprayer and clipped the tubing. I knew it the tubing would fall back into the body if I let go but I couldnt reach my tool bag to grab a pair of needle nose vice grips to clamp on to hold the hose so I let go for a second and it sure enough pulled into the body like a turtles head pulls into its shell. I tried for 15 minutes to grab it through the little hole in the body with no luck! So im wondering if anyone has had this problem, If anyone has any suggestion.

Frustrated Robert: