How Old Were You When You First Went Camping?


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young. my parents took us camping when we were toddlers. we had a plymouth station wagon and my dad built a platform. my lil sister and I slept on top. we were short enough that our little bunk reached from our parent's toes to their waist. I don't remember much except seeing chipmunks out the window and wanting to catch them. when we were older, we tent camped. we would meet my cousins and stay out a whole week. when my youngest brother was born, my mom and aunt stayed home. they said they had a great vacation. we kids were sooo dirty, and we had sooo much fun! our family vacations were pretty much either camping or skiing. a few years we took road trips, but usually only to see relatives in some distant city.


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kinda young still


Well I was not that young but still young enough when I started. Growing up my folks were not much of the camping type (their loss hehe) and kinda just stayed in hotels for our "family vacations". I did not start camping until about 1996 or so...I was about 27...and went tent camping which I did not like at all I have to admit. I do like the camping atmosphere so relaxed and such but did not really get into camping until 2006 when we got our 1st Westy..and have camped and camped and travelled...It just made a goood experience even better....I do think it is something that every child should do growing up


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Very young

My first time I don't even remember! We had an old applebee tent trailer, I was about 6 months old. My dad told me I fell out of the side of the tent and landed on the ground by the trailer. I ended up sleeping on the ground for a while until they woke up. They thought something carried me off, I never even woke up. By the time I was 3 or 4, we moved up to a 67 bus. It went all over the eastern US, from New York to Florida. Still the most favorite camper he ever had. My brother had it even better, he started camping in a 1951 bus that my dad converted! Wish I had that one!!!!

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I'm sure my family did some camping when I was a child. Mom tells the story of my sleeping in the back seat of the car with the door open and a skunk walking by and brushing my face with its tail. The prayed I wouldn't wake up and let out a scream. Once into Cub & Boy Scouts, I did more. All tent camping. Right after college, I camped the Gaspè Penninsula with a classmate in my Porsche -- talk about tight! I did go hunting once in a pick-up slide in, but the '73 Westy was the first to get real serious. Now, I have been in every US state and all of the Canadian provinces except the new one, Nunavut. I'm looking forward to that.


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Too young to remember...we had a teardrop trailer that was my first memory. Mom and Dad slept in it, and Jim and I slept on a platform in the back of our '53 Chevy. Later, we had a Happy Home trailer, with a bed in back for my folks and a dinette in front that made into a bed for Jim and me. When we were about ten and eleven, Mom and Dad bought an Airstream! Boy, had we arrived!!! It was used, of course, but nice, and Dad took out the sofa up front, and made bunks for us kids that served as bench seats during the day. We went everywhere - from Alberta to Acapulco. Dad's job with Humble Oil and Refining gave him five weeks of vacation, and he always took a month in the summer for us to take a family trip, and another week at Christmas for the same reason. My parents were frugal, we weren't spoiled with clothes and cars like many of the other kids we knew, but we had the advantage of parents who thought we should see this wonderful country and know how lucky we were to live the way we did. And now, fifty years later, my husband and I still travel in our Westy, and our children dream of the day they can retire and do the same thing. Mom and Dad did well.