How Often Do you run away???

Run away as in take off for a couple days? Pack Thurs, drive to work on Friday and leave from work. Or just have everything ready and drive another vehicle to work so the fridge is plugged in fr Friday, get home, change and head out.

Back in my regular career, we had a truck camper, I would have it packed Thursday for the weekend, and drive my wife to work, continue tto my job, then Fri after work, off we would go. No need to even stop at the house.

Now that I am semi-retired, work and live in Yellowstone, work is only a short walk or drive, so we can be ready. Last week it was take off early on Sat, since I only picked my Westie up on Thurs, having it ready for a Fri jump was not quite doable.

At this point, I am still trying to get my propane to light in the fridge, and since all the places I am going to are no elec, it is that or get a cooler. Something I need to do anyway.


Living in Los Angeles, my weekend getaway favorite is to Vegas, or Laughlin, NV. I teach a few days a week at a college which is about 60 miles closer to Nevada than from where I live, so I just continue on from there. I leave all the very basic, lightweight stuff in the van, then add clothes, food and beer. Of course, I'm extremely jealous that you live/work in Yellowstone. Is Internet service still difficult there?

Guess I've been lucky in that the fridge on my 81 Westy works fine. Recently completed a 6 week, cross-country U.S. and Canada trip, (aka: "In search of my inner a-hole") and the fridge was on all the time, (freeway driving, while camped, etc.). Filled it only once in Fargo, ND, for $8. I also carry a small six-pack cooler for sodas and beer - add new ice every day or two, depending on the outside temperature. Stop at roadside fruit stands for fresh fruit, vegies, etc. It might be a good weekend project to pull your fridge out, test, clean and refurbish it. There's lots of write-ups on the process.


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well me im an employee so sometimes i do run away and release my stress by inviting my friends to go camping or just go anywhere haha
Now that we have had our Westy almost a year... I have gotten fridge to light, it works fine on DC or AC. I bought the cooler. Got a awning. Last weekend my wife just couldn't go on Fri after work, so we left on Sat AM. Off to Jackson, WY and the Tetons. Ready for fishing, but not the right opportunity, I did however get some cool shots of baby Great Horned Owls.


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How Often Do you run away

Dont be too surprised if you dont find anything in the database I have THE original Fred Flintstone computer It could very well have been MY mistake. Im not, how you say? Computer-literate?


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I just shutdown and Run Way from computer. I would like to go to bank of river. Have some fresh Air and refreshment life.