How much is too much?


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Alright, I have a question. Me and two of my friends are planning a road trip for this spring in my 1984 Westy. What my concern is, is the amount of weight of gear. We will be on the road for two months and want to bring 3 bicycles (on hitch rack), 3 paddle boards (roofrack), other gear (150-300lbs) and the three of us (550lbs). Pleas let me know what everyone thinks, also how much weight can you leave strapped to the pop top and still pop it? Keep in mind one paddle board is about 20-30lbs. Any and all feedback would be great! We are going to be going threw the mountains and down the west coast of Canada and US. The roof rack is a Yakima with artificial rain gutters, exactly what gowesty sells. Thanks

Jason Rolfe

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I have an 87 weekender that I've taken on lots of fully loaded trips.

Two summers ago I drove to Washington--Colorado and back with: two bikes, fishing gear, camping gear, climbing gear...

Last summer was even better. Drove from Seattle to Calgary, Alberta with: 6 passengers (including me), 6 bikes, camping gear, fishing gear, everyone's clothes, etc, and more often than not plenty of beer.

So, I'd say go for it. On the way out to Calgary, I even got great gas mileage the whole time.


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How much is too much

Thanks Gracious, Ive got similar to that already. However, I find that If I try and scale back my week so it only includes essentials to me at the moment thats health appts then I am a still exhausted and b have no life So I know I am doing too much, but dont really want to know how little is the right amount if you get me?