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Often you get hungry when you're on long highway trips. Stop and cook.. to much time...stop and by food...too expensive:
Cook on board: wrap a hotdog in tin foil and put up to three between the front seats of the 72-79 aircooled bus. Turn on heater to the apropriote vent. The aircooled engine gives off so hot air that these hot dogs are popping open within 10-15 minutes!


I'd like to say that the '82 air cooled work just as well, and do a number on calculators and thermometers, as well. We were climbing up a hill on a chilly morning, and turned on the heater vent - and when we looked down twenty minutes later, we had $100 in former electronics parts.

We're thinking up ideas for the future - getting an insulated box, and baking potatoes. Anyone else had any experience with this?
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There is a long history in automotive circles that involve cooking food while on the road...imaginative people can and do whip up gastronomical delights with amazing results. Ignition Fried Steak and Eggs Bendix are my favorites.


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The hotdog story is too funny. I insulated my entire heat system on my '76 and the vent in between the two seats is like a convection oven, with a perfectly tuned engine.

Anyone try popcorn?

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I've done the engine cooking thing on Jeeps that I have owned, but the current wasserboxer is a little inconvienent to do engine cooking. Currently I have a $20 electric oven that I have been using in the car and will probably use in the Westie, heats to about 350 which can be a problem with scorching haven't tried the new non stick reynolds foil yet.

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Yes with the deforoster running .. I bring along several pre made bean + Chicken Burritoes with Cheese. After an hour or two they are steeming Hot with melted cheese.. Just warp in tin foil keep in refig for the weekend put on dash just before hungry..

Steve D