Honeymoon shower


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Some years ago, I was in Canyon de Chelle, in Arizona, at the tribal camprground. I Had been in there a couple of days already and as we Westy owners do, had smiled to find another one close to hand, a lime green one out of Ca., as I recall. Anyway, as I usually do...before heading off to my days forays with a camera, I had set out one of my solar shower bags to warm. Now..there is just nothing better than a hot shower after a dirty/dusty day and I have perfected my own routine. I attach the rope, hang the bag from a suitable branch or nail, put down the passenger side mat under the nozzle, grab the soap/towel/beer and get at it. (when in a campsite, I wear shorts, otherwise...zippo)
So...I have completed my abolutions and am sitting at the table, thinking about that blonde in a bikini that is wondering around that other vw...and her guy that is walking over to the tap for the ground well water...and that is REALLY COLD water too....he fills a bucket, takes it back over their site..and she begins to do a cold wash. Man..I was in awe...I mean, that is COLD water and there she is, bent over a bucket, washing...

So, being the gentleman that I is...I walked over, apologised for intruding on them...and wondered aloud, why she was doing this? They hadn't heard of a solar bag...I suggested that there was enough water still available in that bag over >>>>>>> there hanging from that tree....that she could take her soap/towell and have at it. Man, whooosh....over she went.

I was told later..they were on a long honeymoon in his mom's Westy, first hot shower in ages...

'don't go there' people...

I wonder if they or the mom still camps in that green Westy?...and who knows..maybe they are on here...

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Cute story and prompts one of my lesser intelligent moves. Before I go on, please understand my use of Indian is generic and not in anyway meant to be derogatory or racial. It's only to put my little escapade in perspective.

The Admiral and I had done a month in Alaska and the NW Canadian territories. My former life gave me longer vacations than her and she only wanted to use 30 days, so I drove to Seattle, she flew out and we did a month of camping. Then she flew home out of AK and I wandered home later, taking a few side trips. It was during one of these that the mind temporarily took leave.

I was in the Yukon and stopped at a beautiful lake. There were only a few others in the campground. Two of these were local Indians. They were apparently taking a bathroom break, understandably needed from what was obviously many a dip in the sauce. More than a little drunk.

It was warm, well into the 60's (°F) and sunny. I'd been a week with sink baths so thought this would be a great opportunity for a dip in the lake -- it had a swimming section -- with my bar of soap.

The Indians wanted to know what I was going to do. When I told them, the lesser intoxicated of the two asked if I had a camera. He said I needed a picture of me in this beautiful lake to take home. I wasn't quite ready to turn over the Admiral's exotic Minolta, so declined as graciously as I could. We headed off to the lake, me and my little entourage.

I'm glad I was able to contribute to their future tribal gathering tales. When I looked back, they were holding each other up laughing. I can see it now, "Crazy white man go swimming in Glacier fed lake." I only hope they didn't interpret it as the 2nd coming because Crazy White Man was walking on water when that 2-degrees-above-ice reached his belly button. You move those feet fast enough, you can plane like a ski boat!

By the time my mind and body thawed, they were gone. Kind of wish now I'd let them take my picture. Although I doubt anybody would believe Christ will wear a pair of boxers when he returns.


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I am the maid of honor at my best friend's wedding. She and her fiance have been living together for six years, so they already have all the housewares, towels and appliances that they could possibly need. They also already have a full set of Noritake tableware/china as well as high quality wine glasses. She also has all the lingerie she could need so kinky gifts are kind of out of the question/ The couple is not well-off, and what they have represents what both had before they moved in and also some purchases over the years.
I have read about a type of shower called a "honeymoon shower," in which guests give the bride to be things like travel size packs of toiletries, airline gift cards or hotel gift cards; the airline and hotel gift cards are supposedly going to be used to pay for the honeymoon and accomodations.

Somehow, I feel that asking for airline gift cards or hotel gift cards is just as tacky as asking for money, however, on the other hand, the gift is certainly practical, will be used, will not be regifted and likely will be more appreciated than a coffee maker or another set of cutlery. This is the bride's first marriage and I would like to make it a really memorable occasion for her.

Has anyone ever heard of such a shower (a honeymoon shower) and what would be the best way to approach it? Have the hostess purchase a single gift (that everyone contributes to) or put the explanation in the invitation?