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My name is Matthew Alig. I'm excited to meet everyone here! Some people may already know me if anyone here is part of VOG on Facebook! At any rate, wanted to stop in and introduce myself.

I drive a 1980 Vanagon Tin-Top. It may not be a Westfalia, but its the bones that count right?!

Here is a link to my website which chronicles the modifications that I have made, and will make. Travel guides for around the PNW are also something I offer, so be sure to check it all out if you want to get even more familiar with who I am!

Thanks and I hope I get a chance to meet everyone!


James Conlin

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Hello all, i am new in this forum...
It appears we have been over run by a rogue foreign outfit on this gold mine of a site, welcome, there is a lot of great stuff to mine hear but since we have lost many of our learned principals, not a lot of new participation, perhaps it's all been said. Great luck.


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