Hello from Montco, PA


My wife and I are looking for an '84+ Westy to do a slow trip down to Florida and back (vs. a mad dash down I-95 - we have the car for that trip) and similar trips. We've been scouring eBay, Craigslist, etc., but haven't found The Westy yet. The idea is to find a turnkey van that's good to go when we sign the title and hang the tag on the back.

It's been long and long since we last own a boxer-engined VW, so our recollections on them is a bit(!) hazy. I do recall staying in lower gears in the winter to get the darn engine to warm up and produce a hint of heat from the vents, though. Also, what's a reasonable cruising speed for the 84's and later? Even stretches of US 17, for example, aren't all that slow.

Any help with newbie questions and even finding a Westy will be a big help!

Rick Emerson