Hello Everyone.


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My name is Dennis. I am a retired Army guy, and have been a garage keeper for almost seventeen years now. At my shop we work on European cars so I am pretty familiar with VWs of all kinds. I have owned quite a few of them as well. I hate to say it but I have junked out a few Westfalia vans over the years, and have owned and driven them from time to time. Then they started to get really expensive. I just purchased from Ebay what has turned out to be a really rusty 82 Diesel Westfalia. This truck has had the rust covered and painted, and has began to rust again. The engine is locked up which I knew going in.

Turns out I already have a rust free strong running Vanagon that I was in the process of flipping so I am going to use the Diesel to convert it to a camper. I can use the Diesel mounting apparatus to replace the 1.9 Gas burner at a later date with something a little more up to date.

For right now the 1.9 runs good, and since it will all be apart I can concentrate on building the camper with a few of my own ideas and hopefully some of you guy's ideas.