heading to the arctic circle


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Ok Iam off in my old 71 vw westy for some Alaska fun It has been cold and the rain won't stop another standard Alaska summer soon to be 6 months of winter. it has been snowing in the mountains already and getting dark so my mom and I are doing a 10 day run up to fairbanks to Chena Hot springs then up the haul road to the arctic circle and maybe a bit further then to Manley hot springs over to Tok over to Dawson city maybe up the Dempster hwy to the arctic circle again down to Whitehorse and maybe to Skagway and run the White-pass railroad that would be cool. All in all about 2500 miles I hope the old vw is up for it.


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Keep an eye open for a brown 83 Westy if you are on the Road to Prudhoe next week. I will be picking up a friend who biked there from Florida. I've done the Dempster and love that drive. We will be heading from Seward to Prudhoe on Friday morn. Should be north of Fairbanks this weekend. - Good luck!

James Conlin

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Wish you had called me! when I was running around Ak. 25 years ago the road to Prudhoe was closed to the likes of me. Bring xtra tires as the Captain would advise. Send pictures.


Well our plans were foiled this weekend due to snow the cincy speed place we were going to dyno called Friday afternoon and canceled on us sooo we called days diesel they are in Germantown Ohio just past Middletown it was 125 to dyno and I didnt want to drive my truck that far in the snow u might as well leave it sit when it snows anyhow 2 of my other friends dynod that place it pretty nice its on a big multi million dollar grain farm and their shop was a huge nice barn their dyno had a ventilation system and everything its about an hour away for us skillet&dazed and confused nice place when it warms up a bit ill be heading back up their