Head rests and seat belts?


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Posted some info on an old thread, but have a couple questions too. I'm new here, so not sure if I'm posting this question in the correct section, it's key to my purchase, getting the features I need!

What year did lap and shoulder belts become standard (or an option) in the back?
When did head rests become standard (or an option) in the back?

What does it cost to add head rests and/or lap shoulder belts in the back?

From what I can see the Eurovans have them and the Vanagons do not. Though, some of the Vanagons do, but it doesn't seem to be based on the year it was made?

I think I want the quality and drive of the Vanagon, but the features of the Eurovan, but everything I am reading tells me to steer clear of the Eurovans b/c they are an expensive trip to the mechanic more often than what I am wanting...