Hardware, nuts/bolts/washers & misc restoration supplies

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Restoration Specialties & Supply is a specialty dealer in antique and classic automotive hardware and supplies. The have bulk weatherstripping, lacing, electrical wiring looms & holders, specialty bolts and thousands of different types of fasteners. Although not VW oriented, many of their products are generic and can be used for various VW repairs and projects.

I use their #4581 windshield weatherstripping on my Vanagon skylight and over the sliding door to improve the drip rail performance. I use their "footman's loops" as bungee hold-down points now that VW has decided to price their #237 070 256 out of this world.

They now have a website www.restorationspecialties.com . Their address is:

Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 328, Dept. A
Windber, PA 18963
Fax 814-467-5323

Capt. Mike

Restoration specialties may have a great selection of rare and unusual restoration hardware but their customer relations leaves a LOT to be desired.

They had a booth at the recent AACA National Business Meeting's exhibit hall. I stopped by and had, what I thought was a pleasant chat with one of the owners. Amongst the discussion was that I had one of the old 2-battery model Porsches and that the limited batteries available where poorly labeled and did not appear OE as would be required in an AACA meet.

I had fabricated a reproduction set of labels that passed the highest standards, the Grand National show itself. Restoration specialties is a manufacturer of reproduction labels. He wanted a set and asked for a copy of mine.

I sent him my master graphics file FEbraury 22nd. No received, thank you, no kiss my ass, response of any kind. I sent a follow-up March 15th to ask if he'd gotten the label? Ditto. I've now sent him a 3rd note April 23rd that I've withdrawn any permission to use or reproduce. Rudeness like that I don't need.

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Metric & Multistandard Corp

Metric fasteners in the proper material and grade are essential to proper upkeep of your Westy. One hot topic seems to be the disappearance from the usual VW sources of the Schnorr lock washers used on CV joints. Essential to drive-train safety, they seem to have dropped out of the OE & OEM supplier's inventories and are no longer supplied in CV joint kits. Thus the admonishment elsewhere to buy in bulk and keep on hand since this should be a standard service interval item.

Zelenda (VW's original supplier of metric hardware in the US) has apparently dropped hardware out of their line of VW tools and products. I can buy locally, but it appears many are running into hardware suppliers either ignorant of what a Schnorr washer even is, or unwilling to make the effort to inquire and order for customers.

I have found one source that is willing to supply to individuals, clubs & businesses. Below is their response to my inquiry:
Hi Mike,

We offer genuine Schnorr ribbed washers (conical serrated washers) in both the "S" (standard) & "VS" (heavy) series -- both in black and zinc plated. Additionally, we get our heavy duty safety spring washers per DIN 6976 from Schnorr as well. Our standard compression spring washers per DIN 2093 come from Schnorr & other German manufacturers.

Details of all of these products can be seen in our on-line catalog via our website www.metricmcc.com. We're always welcome to helping organizations like yours. Encourage your users to go to the website and register for MyMetric -- it will provide them with greater detail on inventory and give them quantity discounts on many products.

FYI - We sell to various automobile owner clubs throughout the country. Our terms of sale are outlined on the site. In a nutshell, we have a $25 minimum order & we do accept Visa/MC &Amex. No one in the US knows and stocks metric fasteners & industrial components as well as we do!

Joe V
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WÃœRTH (Wuerth)

Wuerth is a major, premium German supplier of automotive hardware and products. They supply many of the VW & European dealers' hardware stocks. Their quality has always been impressive, but unfortunately, so have their prices. To the retail buyer -- absolutely outrageous. However, you may find some of the dealers on their website willing to negotiate bulk sales. Chances are a check with a few of the European marquee parts managers (VW/Audi, Porsche, MBenz) will turn up a local sales rep, as I'm sure they call on them regularly.

They have a line of automotive chemicals, as well.

Capt. Mike

Schnorr Corp

I got a nice response from Axel Schremmer, president of Schnorr Corp. in Ann Arbor MI. Although a German Company, they manufacture and stock the Schnorr washers in the US in 3 finishes and 2 grades. They will sell direct, but are geared more towards distributors.

The minimum quantities are determend by size/weight/box. For the 8mm used on VW CV's, the minimum box is 1,000. They also have a $50 minimum order. A little harder to reach and the quantities might be too big for end users, but for something made right here in the US, it seems a lot of people in the business aren't too knowledgeable!

The have an excellent tech article on Schnoor washers on their web site, Schnoor Corp.. Download the 'safety washer' file.

Mr. Schremmer says they price FOB Ann Arbor (shipping extra) and accept credit cards. We thank him for his personal attention to such a vexing problem. Now if we can get some of our Westy vendors to start carrying them!

Capt. Mike

GoWesty informs me they have ordered an initial stocking of the 8mm Schnorr washer for VW CV joints. As mentioned in both the TOOLS>Lock bolts . . . and the REAR AXLE . . .>Rear CV joints . . . topics, these are a one-time use lock washer in a critical drive-line component. There is an excellent tech bulletin on them on the Tech Drawings site linked from the Home page. These washers are NLA from VW even though they have been dropped from OE & OEM CV joint & boot kits. Very few local vendors are likely to carry them so GoWesty becomes a valuable source for smaller quantities. Repacking CV joints should be part of your maintenance schedule so you'll need a fresh set of washers each time.