Hard turning over EJ25 engine


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Has been a long time since I have been on the form. Long story short, I have had a two year battle with cancer. and I have won. :).
We own a 87 Westy with a Subaru 2.5 which has been great, and very few problem. Well maintained and great work by Small Car and Ben in Montreal.
The last couple of months the engine has started, but the start has had a hard time turning it over. I finally came down to having to push it to get it started. So I took the battery in to Canadian Tire and they tested it and it failed. So I bought a new battery, hoping this would fix the problem, No it didn't.
So off I go to LORDCO for a new Bosch rebuilt started, installed it and NO it did fix the problem. I had an extra iginition switch, so I tried that, No that didn't help.
Now I need help, we have just moved to Kamloops and I don't have a mechanic that I can run to.
Any ideas.
New timing belt installed by Ben 38,000 KM ago. Once the engine starts it runs great with great power and fuel mileage.
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