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There's no question now as to how invaluable a navigation system is for traveling. I just didn't like how the charger cord draped over and down the front of the dashboard. Fortunately, Westies have a useless opening on the dashboard (nobody smokes any more, do they?) that I used to install a mounting plate for my TomTom. I had a piece of black plexiglass laying around that I cut to size and mounted on a block of scrap wood shaped to wedge into the opening for the ashtray. I bought another cigarette lighter assembly and mounted it on the block of wood, then ran a wire from the original lighter assembly to the new one. The TomTom holder suction cup attaches to the plexiglass and the charger cord runs through a small opening in the plexiglass to the lighter assembly beneath. It looks nice and neat. I have photos in Gallery - Main Album; search for the word "TomTom."

1985 Westfaila
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