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...I thought I posted this once but it is gone.

I have a 1987 vanagon and I'm in need of a reman engine. Does anyone have any experiences with Gowesty's reman engines?



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I, too, have had positive mail order and phone experiences with Go Westy without exception.

Last month I was in their neighborhood and stopped by their HQ. They were friendly, and took lots of time with me. I was also in awe of the quantity and quality of the Westies that they have in and around their spotless, 5-bay shop. My '89 was feeling a little sheepish with it's road grime and minor imperfections, sitting alongside some of the rigs they have.

If only I had 6 or 7 grand to lavish on her. I could've done it right there and then were it not for the sad fact that "budget" is part of my vocabulary.

Like rhunt, I too would like to hear from anyone who's running a Go Westy engine.


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I add my belief that GoWesty deserves our support. I also respect their position that a Westy is best kept original. Really, I have no problem with the engine change-over crowd. If you want a Tutonic Hot Rod then that is your business, your money, and I hope you
every success. ( I too think about it, but at my age, one likes to preserve. I don't drive fast anyway, not even in Gaby's 911.
On the big items, such as engine/transmissions I have no experience...yet. Soon may though.


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I'm a GoWesty fan as well....am restoring a bronze/beige '86. I've ordered tons of parts and all have arrived promptly. Their alloy wheel package is a head turner and lots of Westy owners ask where I bought them. I'm visiting GW in Sept for carpets and a new canvas to finish off the project....lotsa money but I have an irreplaceble vehicle.


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Since there haven't been any 2005 posts here related to GoWesty, I thought I would add my 2 cents worth. I bought a 1990 Westy from them in October this year with only 23k original miles on it. They had lots of really nice vehicles for sale, but this was the nicest example I've seen anywhere. I did pay dearly for it... but note that they have a stated resale mark up of 10% on vehicles that they sell and as proof of that, they offered to let me pay the owner (the Westy was on consignment) directly. I spent the better part of a day talking with Lucas and others in their shop. They are not lacking for work - it was full of Westys, Syncros, and Vanagons of every configuration. Many things were on my mind... How much difference would a big brake kit make, what about 16 inch wheels, taller gears in the transmission and more. I have not talked with anyone else in my searches that knew as much as these guys. Given that Lucas has an engineering degree, their mods have a well thought through reasoning behind them. They spent as much time with me as it took for me to understand the upside and drawbacks to everything I wanted to understand or modify on the Westy. I left the car for some of these to be done before picking up my Westy, and returned at mid point during the Westy's completion to check on progress. Everything was done the way it should have been, with an attention to detail that I find less than customary. Then it came to buying parts I wanted to upgrade or replace. There wasn't anything that wasn't in stock and ready to have shipped that day from gas cap trim to a stove part. They had it. Since my purchase from them I have bought products on line as well. Again their selection is extensive, the site easy to navigate and find what you want. When I need phone support because I wasn't sure which part would fit, I received informed and immediate help. Parts were shipped promptly and received in perfect condition, just as described. I have found some items at cheaper prices on some other sites, but no phone call to any other vendor got me the questions answered in the manner they were able to. If they didn't sell something I wanted, they turned me on to sources that would have it that they felt were reputable. I find them to be a first class operation in all respects. Are they the cheapest brick and mortar or web based source out there for everything? No. But a few bucks more to have it be right the first go around and to get it when I need it is worth a few bucks to me.

I'm having them build a 2.4 liter engine for me which I am picking up in December. Ceramic top coated pistons with moly coat on the sides, reworked new cylinder heads, and much more may seem like overkill to many. But when you tie that to a 4-year 48k warranty it works for me. It isn't about speed down the open road; it's about torque in the mountain hill climbs. I will post again when the engine is in and running. I recommend these guys with out any qualifiers.


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I have bought products from Go Westy and have been very happy with the instructions enclosed and the delivery. As a Canadian resident I had to pay duty and our federal and provincial sales tax. It added up quick! Canadians might find it less expensive to purchase some items from cip1.com. This is no slight on Go Westy's service or products.

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jthansen7 Junior Member Posted August 14, 2007 05:16 AM

Has anyone here bought a GoWesty engine and had it fail? I had a GW 2.4L put in my van last May and it EXPLODED with less than 2000 miles on it. GW did warranty the engine but it was a major inconvenience because of where it broke down and I had a lot of added expenses because of it.


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interesting... I like Lucas and Chris a lot. I also bought a 2.4L motor and had no problems for the first 12,000 miles. On a trip to Oregon, the crankshaft broke. While they did honor their warranty it did cost me out of pocket to ship the van down to them and have them do the work. After a bit of going 'round with them we did reach a compromise. I still use them for parts and service (well, while I lived in California); I like Chris, GoWesty's service manager and the folks that run the shop. Lucas let us borrow his pimped out Synchro for the day one time down there. My personal take on them and VDubs in general... They are older vehicles. They are quirky vehicles. If you are not a mechanic you are at the mercy of repair folks. When I find a mechanic I like (Ely at Arcata VW in Cali; Fred at Mechanical Advantage in Connecticut; Mike Peterson in Port Angeles in Washington) I stick with them. The biggest problems I have had have been when folks NOT familiar with the quirks work on my beloved Kaya. I wish I knew more about mechanical stuff... but I don't. I appreciate this website for a partial education. One good thing about VDubs is that when they breakdown, and they do breakdown, you usually have a bed and stove and fridge. I keep enough emergency supplies when I travel (extra water, food, etc). for when I go long distance. Vdubs are prone to breakdown... I follow Lucas's maintenance schedule and, knock on wood, haven't had any extra problems. So far, god has smiled upon me when I do breakdown. It has always been in the right spot. I appreciate what they, Lucas and Chris, do. I also love my Westy and will never part with it.



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GoWesty integrity

I had major work done on my 1991 Synchro by GoWesty last year. Some stuff just wasn't done right. They took it on themselves to have the van shipped back to them so they could fix it right. No big deal? They shipped it from south Florida to north California! I pick it up in three weeks and will be glad to post how it all comes out...