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Jim Staples

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I ordered a p-trap sink drain kit from Go Westy (one of the sponsors of this web site) and I am very happy. I almost juryrigged a system but found that it was going to cost almost as much as ordering a new part. I recieved the part within a week and installed it. A week later I recieved another p-trap kit. I called Go Westy and they hadn't billed me for either so we got this all straightened out. I dealt directly with Gary (I assume he is one of the big-wigs). I would recommend dealing with them anytime, they are most polite and prompt in their deliveries.
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Go Westy, www.gowesty.com , has been our site sponsor for quite a while. In all this time I have only heard compliments about his service.

Glad you had a good experience.


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Capt. Mike

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"I agree that Go Westy is a great company. My dealings with them have been great. Sure wish that I could set up an arrangement with someone in either Point Roberts WA or Blaine WA where I could send parts that I order as the duty on some of the stuff I have ordered is as high as 35%! (and not to mention the exchange on the CDN/US dollar). I'd be happy to skip over the border from Vancouver andbuy them lunch in exchange for a delivery address. Any takers?"

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Ruth Neslund

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My only experience with Go Westy is as follows: I ordered a front swivel table and leg for my 83 1/2 westy from The Bus Depot. They said the supplier (Go Westy) had to make it. A month and a half later the table arrived from Go Westy. There was absolutely no protective packaging in the shipping box and the plastic black knob that attaches the table to the leg was broken. I wrote The Bus Depot and Go Westy. While there was no apology, within a week, Go Westy mailed a very adequately bubble wrapped replacement knob. The table is a very close match to the original and I am very happy with it. Based on this experience, I would probably order from Go Westy again. The Bus Depot is a different story. The electrical utility cover I ordered and received broke the first time I tried to plug it in. I returned it to the Bus Depot who claim that they have had a bad batch of these from the supplier. Apparently the "wrong glue" is being used. It has been a two weeks since I returned this util. cover. I put in a call today and The Bus Depot is still waiting for the replacement covers from their supplier. The clerk told me I will probably get the cover before my vacation; a month and a half from now. The table was $140.00 and the covers are $50.00 but I guess we Westy owners are at the mercy of a limited supply chain.
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Dave in KC

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I've started restoring my 85 Westy, but I noticed that most of the Go Westy stuff is for 79 or earlier vehicles. Is this because the 85 stuff is still available from VW? I searched in vain for a carpet kit and upholstery materials. In the end, we just bought some stuff locally and are improvising.

Dave in KC

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Gary B. Dixner

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We too have had a good experience with Go Westy. My daughter purchased a sliding door screen for her 87. Came with no instructions and we are kind of slow so called them from Upper Midhigan while on vacation. Gary talked us through the installation plus answered any other questions we had about their products. Must emphasize the importance of companies like this in perpetuating the breed. Moss Motors helped me keep my recently departed MGTD gong for 37 years. Much appreciated in this time of poor response from vendors.

Capt. Mike

;) As a commercial site, GoWesty can't post this, but I can. I received an email from owner Gary not long ago with some interesting ideas they are working on. I thought I'd pass them on. HOWEVER, they are ideas and may not end up in production for a number of reasons.

REFRIGERATOR: Replacement for the Dometic 182 refer. A 12V only high efficiency compressor freon style cooler that draws 1.5 amps at startup and runs at 3.0 amps at load and cools up to 100 degrees below ambient temp (Dometic cools only 40-45 deg.) This unit can run on your starter battery alone for 2-3 days w/o charging. It can also run off an aux. battery w/solar panel forever. The lack or 110V and LPG frees you up for real boon dock camping. This unit is custom molded to fit the '80-'91 Vanagon Westy cabinets (both Ice Box & Fridge) by removing the face panel with door, unbolting and removing the Dometic unit (100 lb) and then sliding in the 12V unit, screw in place and re-install the face panel and it uses the orig Westy door so the install is stealth and seamless. The new 12v unit weighs only 25 lb. and is a large 2.1 Cu/Ft volume compared to the 1.2 Cu/Ft of the Dometic. We will make a unit available with a door for 68-75 Westys and Wknders and look into the side box units for the '76-'79 Westys. The first prototype units will be available the end of July. (The compressor is proven state of the art EV Technology but we will do Beta testing first for fit and install feed back) The trickle down benefits are a free LPG line for Aux heater and less weight on the LH side of the vehicle and more Cargo weight capacity.

WINDOWS: We still have your louver Window/Screen cover on the development list, but are now also looking into a Louver window system for the Vanagon that would replace the stock sliders. This is now being designed and feasibility (prototype) will be known in 3-6 weeks. Cost is still not known.

SCREENS: Next we have been working on our Mosquito screens for Bus & Vanagons. We now produce sliding door screens for '68-'79 Bus and '85-'91 Westys as well as all of the rear hatch screens (That Fit) We are also working on the '80-'84 Westy and '80-'91 Vanagon sliding door screens. Eurovans are on the list for next season.

MISC: Cabinet handles for '68-'79 Campers, Extruded seals, edgings, moldings and bits, a '74-'79 Folding Rear Camper Table & Arm, Aux. Battery Kit for Vanagons, Cruise control Kit for Vanagons (Fly by Wire System), Completed ALL Carpet Floor Mat Patterns for '68-'00 Bus, Vanagon, Eurovans and ALL Campers, plus more.

These are the most requested items and we are looking into other add on accessories that will improve the functional livability of the Westy, so that's it for now.

:D BTW, the westfalia.org site has been a great resource and reference for us, as well as a place to refer customers to who need to get "Plugged In" to the Westy World. Talk to you soon.
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john.tracy, Junior Member, 10-18-2000 08:14 PM

I don't know where to begin in descibing the nightmare I've been going through since the end of August with the Bus Depot. . . .

But I have placed a half dozen orders with Go Westy. Every order has arrived promptly, well packed, with every thing that I ordered. Now I'm not going to say do not order from Bus Depot. . ..

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Capt. Mike wrote waaaaaay back when:
REFRIGERATOR: Replacement for the Dometic 182 refer. A 12V only high efficiency compressor freon style cooler that draws 1.5 amps at startup and runs at 3.0 amps at load and cools up to 100 degrees below ambient temp . . .

Did this idea ever make it to the light of day in the Go Westy! Dreamworks, or is it in some phase of production or planning? This would be so ideal for so many older Westy owners it's not even funny.

TIA ...
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Go to the new improved gowesty site of the same address www.gowesty.com. If you negotiate the links you will find yourself staring at the fridge. Price 499.00 available spring 2001. I would give him (gary) a call.

Capt. Mike

Posted my experience with GoWesty's reproduction Vanagon skylight in the EXTERIORS forum. Overall, quite satisfied with value, service & price.


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My experience with GoWesty! hasn't been as positive as everyone else. I heard (most likely on the Type2.com list) that they had copies of Westfalia Owner's Manuals and copies of Westfalia Interior Workshop Manuals. The first time I called, the person who answered had NO idea what I was talking about. I tried again, and the person I talked to this time knew about it and told me that they were $10 each. So I placed an order.

A week or so later, my dad calls up and says he got a package at his house from GoWesty!. It's the stuff I ordered. When they said copies, they meant copies. And not very good ones either. The Workshop Manual turned out to be basically the pages on the Campmobile from the Bently, and the Owner's Manual had some pages partially cut off, etc. And they charged $4.95 for shipping for something no bigger or thicker than a magazine (and shipped to the wrong address).

But I guess it should be buyer beware, and when they said it was a copy, I shouldn't have expected much. But for $10 apiece...

But this was only one experience, and everybody has bad days. I'll try them again someday, and make sure to ask for things that are originals, not copies!


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GoWesty! has been one of the most responsive, cooperative, and fair organizations for which I have dealt. I have particularly worked with Gary and Mike.

Restoring multiple VWs, is a task among itself. Throw in restoring a deluxe Westy! It is like building a home. Rugs, cabinets, plumbing, electric, heating, etc.! You all know the drill.

GoWesty has been a lifeline, as working on a resto project, and managing the rest of your daily life leaves little time for having to squabble over a bent piece of plastic.

My latest experience:

I ordered a set of door seals for a '76 Westy
(among other items). As usual, they arrived well packaged, and as promised. I attempted to put the seals on...and noticed that whomever was operating the "seal-making machine" was asleep at the lever. They were so chubby, I couldn't begin to shut my door.

GoWesty's response when I called: "We'll do whatever it takes to make you happy Mr. Wolff, would you like us to send another set airmail so you can continue your project sooner?"
-- That was from a guy named Mike.

He asked me (with no obligation) if I would mind sending the other seals back, not to verify my story; but:

"So we can try them on a '79 we have here, and understand the problem to avoid it from happening again." How could I not send them back?? I did so immediately, and with pleasure.

When I came back from the post office, my replacement seals were already on my doorstep.

Mike never blamed a factory, distributor, country, rubber tree, solar flare, heat expansion due to a flux capacitor malfunction.... he just wanted to make it better, and did so, expediently.



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It may be new to many of you that Gowesty was sold in Sept. 2001. Gary the original owner is no longer the owner nor associated with Gowesty in any way.

I just ordered a part from them so we will so how well it goes. I asked for 2 day shipping. I have a good feeling already. Last year I returned a car cover to Gowesty. I told Gary to just give me a store credit I had a lot of other things to buy. Well I just got around to it and no more Gary. I told Mike one of the new employees and he said that they just started a new database which I was not yet in. However, he said I will search the old database and see if I can find your credit. I ordered the part and he said he would call me if he could find the credit. Guess what he did call back after he found my 135.00 credit. They applied this to my order as well.

That credit could have just as easily not showed up. I think the fact that it did shows that the new owner/staff are running an honest business.

Last Mike the new employee told me they can order any mechanical things as well. So it looks like Gowesty will continue to serve us well and now with a greater selection of parts.


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I was considering ordering a campmobile manual for my 82 from GOWESTY, but they are just xerox copies? I have '67 Campmobile Manual in ADOBE /PDF format I am willing to share, anyone know where I can get a .PDF Campmobile manual for an '82? EMAIL me DAVEV@HOTMAIL.COM


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Since there was a question about service from Go Westy since the owner change, I wanted to offer a recent report.

I cannot add the number of dollars that I have sent to Go Westy recently. New fuel hoses, new exhaust pipe,.... You get the idea. But, I also cannot add up the number of hours that Lucas has spent on the phone with me, especially as I face a rebuild of the engine in my 87 Westy. Not only have all the parts been top quality (including a great 3-window canvas) but everyone there seems willing to go out of there way to help with even the most mundane questions. (Like suggestions of trying to drill a headless bolt out of an engine.)


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I was just wondering if there is any sign or hope of that 12v fridge mentioned long ago on this topic ever becoming reality.
--Richard '82 westy w/ '98 Subaru engine


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Very rare you have such good customer service and product rolled into one.

Nothing but good experiences with them.

Ron Wolff
'76 Westy
'78 SB Conv
'74 SB Auto-stick


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I ordered some items from Go Westy yesterday afternoon, on the internet. I just got home to find my order delivered to my door, properly packed and sealed, with a clear invoice! I can't believe it, one day!

Nice to see top of the line service...I will be shoping there again!


Greetings, My experience with Go Westy was a positive one as well.My order arrived three days after I placed it online.I was also quite happy with the packing.I had ordered some chrome hubs and a trim kit.Each one of the hubs was seperately double wrapped and the trim kit was also double wrapped.
My items were also DOUBLE boxed.You would have thought by looking at the box that I had ordered some delicate computer parts!!
P.S. Every thing fit perfectly and looks great.Two thumbs UP for Go Westy.