Glue/Adhesive to Re-attach Refrigerator Cooling Fins?


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Does anyone know the type of glue/adhesive that was used to attach the fridge's cooling fins to the metal bar inside the Dometic fridge in an '82 Westy? I pulled my fins off to do a full cleaning of the fridge and I want to make sure I properly re-attach it. If not the original adhesive type, has anyone had any luck with current forms of glue/adhesive?



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I believe I found part of the answer to my own problem. In this maintenance guide ( it says the adhesive is Thermal Mastic:

The cooling fins/ice cube tray holder assembly is clipped to the cooling tube behind it and uses Thermal Mastic on the mating surfaces to provide proper transfer from the cooling pipe to the fin assembly.


It's unclear to me exactly what is the proper type of Thermal Mastic to use, but this is a starting point. Anyone aware of the exact type to use?

I also seem to have a thin metal wire that attached to the cooling fins and provided some type of support for the fins. I'm not sure what purpose this wire served -- anyone know?