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Atlanta, Georgia, East side

Advanced Imports
731 East College Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

Excellent mechanic, probably does more with air cooled, but has done good work on my 85 Westy. As honest as they come, and will not sell you something that you don't need. Reasonable priced. Sometimes not a speedy as I would like, but then, nobody gets it done yesterday. Other times he will stop what he is doing and help you.

Recommendation by Jim Cain

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Perhaps I didn't get the same person on the phone but when I asked about simple adjustments and maintenance, he said I'd have to bring it in. I inquired about some pretty significant repairs, hoping to hear that he'd done something similar in the past and was instead just told, "will, I kin do yer voltswaayg-in".

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I have been happy with Northlake Service Center. They know right away what parts and service will likely cost for anything I have asked them. So far they have done what they said they would do. Here is their information:

Northlake Service Center
1909 Mountain Industrial Blvd. • 30084 (across from Sam's Club)
(770) 491-7221
Web site: http://www.vwatlanta.comTucker, GA


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I've been using this guy since I bought my '89 Westy Syncro back in 1999. I trust them implicitly! They were located on Dekalb Ave. in town Atlanta and recently moved to Covington. I live in town and did not feel like making the drive, so I used another local VW mechanic... My mistake. I'm now back with D&D and it is well worth the drive. They do engine convertions as well. They also offer (if available) a loaner car. The owner is Steve Dobbs. In business over 30 years.
Their number: 678-625-0822.

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Hi there, if you are in middle GA i would suggest looking up All Around Restos and Repairs. Mainly we (yes i am a mechanic there) specialize in VW's and have several frame off restos underway including our personal cars.
contact at 877-341-7878
or my boss's cell at 404-406-8772


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Braselston GA; Gainesville GA

Needed work on my 1984 westy and found the Autobahn Society in Braselton. They installed a rebuilt auto tranny, works great and good price. Also fixed a leaking seal which I also had repaired by a Parks VW repair in Gainesville. Parks repair cost $400 and lasted only 2 months. Stay away from Parks. Autobahn charged less money and it has worked for over a year.

They also provide reasonable towing to their garage. When you see their garage it is surrounded by old westies which gave me a comfort level. I trust them to do it correctly and affordable. A friend also had the Jetta conversion done to their 84 westy and are satisfied.

The Autobahn Society
425 Braselton Industrial Blvd.
Braselton, Georgia 30517

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