Galley/cabin lighting (No std. or aux. lighting questions.)

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Interior light

I have no power to the interior light above the fridge area. Any suggestions on how to diagnose problem? Thank you!

Any suggestions on how to diagose problem of no power interior light located above the fridge area (85 camper)? Thanks!

The interior light that is above the rear table and stove is on the same power wire as the drivers door light. Basically, these lights are wired hot all the time. The drivers door ground is hooked to the door switch, while the other light has a separate ground wire and the same hot wire as other light. Does the drivers door light work, is so, than see if the wire from there is hooked up for the rear light. Other thing to check is the ground. Possible the ground has come off and thus no light, or if both lights don't work, check fuse #S8. Other than that, those are the only possible reasons for it not having power. Good luck and hope this helps.

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Interior light bulb

Peter F. Junior Member # 2610 posted 10-22-2001 11:27 AM


I own 1994 VW Eurovan Westfalia CV.
Just recently the interior fluorescent light bulb went out. There are two lights inside - one above the stove/sink area (driver side) and the other in rear (passenger side).
The bulbs are quite unique: they have 4 pin connector and have following markings:
PL-S 11W/82/4P and the one I have is made by Phillips. Tried a few VW Dealers - they failed to locate them in VW system.
Any idea for source of such bulbs?



Since I started the issue I feel I need to close it also.

After a few attempts indeed two VW Authorised Dealers responded with confirmation and pricing. To my surprise the price offered by two VW Dealers was CD$90.00. Yes, CD$90.00 for fluorescent bulb light.

You can buy the same one for approx. US$12.50 from a US wholesaler.
The contact is Aamsco Lighting Inc. - tel 8130654-7339. I checked this and received the bulb fine.

[Moderator note: The phone number posted didn't ring true so the following is from their website.]

AAMSCO Lighting
100Lamp Light Circle
Summerville, SC 29483
Voice (800) 221-9092
(843) 278-0000
Fax (843) 278-0001

AAMSCO Lighting
501 South Falkenburg Rd.
Tampa, Florida 33619
Voice (800) 669-9137
(813) 654-7339
Fax (813) 654-7058

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Capt. Mike,
I split the two batteries today in my '80 Vanagon with good sucess. While mine had two batteries in it when I bought it they were hooked together. I don't believe mine was ever wire for two batteries, but not a problem. I bought a relay and did the wiring. The only thing I would still like to separate from the main battery is the galley light. I understand it is wired on the same circuit as the door lights. Am I going to be better off running an independent wire from the aux. battery to this light? Thanks, Fred

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Galley light

Fred - What I did - way easier than wiring from the battery to the lights is find the connection to the fuse box (at the front of the westy) for these lights. Disconnect it from the fuse box, connect it to a wire that then connects to the second battery (with a fuse or aux battery fusebox in between) piece of cake. While you are doing this wire the radio up the same way and cig lighter.

'82 Diesel westy


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Does this fix apply to the 93 Eurovan cabin lights? I have an MV Weekenders, have changed the bulbs and the interior lights still do not work. The front light works with the door. I thought maybe I was missing a control switch for the cargo area lights.


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I have found a way to modify the flourescent light in the galley. I removed the light, took out the flourescent bulb, cut off all of the wires and then, with sticky backed LEDs (2 of them at 4" each) adheared them to the white reflective backing of the light. This makes the LEDs 8" like the original bulb. I replaced the switch (since mine was bad) which only required very minor cutting of the light distortion cover to fit. I wired the light back up and I now have unlimited galley light without hardly any use of the battery. In all it cost me $25 at AutoZone.