Fuel supply and ignition caused idle or stall problems. NO FI questions


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Hi everyone, I've been reading the forum since I got the van but this is the first problem that I haven't been able to find a solution to in the archives.

I'm travelling through the States from Canada right now and the van ran great through all of the northern states that we crossed until we got to Utah. What has been happening (and I have noted similar symptoms in other posts) is that the engine temporairly loses power under load (hills) only to come back up when I let off the throttle. If I don't pull over and just keep working the throttle, the problem eventually worsens to the point where the engine stalls. If we leave it alone to cool off for 5-15 mins, it will work fine until the next hill. The other thing I have noticed is that the desert heat seems to bring about this problem. We've driven at night with no probs, but as soon as we run mid day, it starts acting up.
I took it to a mechanic in Grand junction who checked the timing for altitude(left it as is) and replaced the fuel filter which was dirty. Problems continued. In checking the engine during one of our "cooling off" periods, I noticed that the wire feeding power to the two small coils above the ignition coil had melted almost completely through the insulaton.
Could these be related or are they seperate problems? I have the bentley and have been searching for answers to no avail

Went to the VW dealer in Flagstaff today, the tech told us that high ambient can cause the fuel to cavitate in the fuel pump and bring on the surging/hesitating. Told that our only real solution was to keep the tank full to keep the fuel cool-makes sense but I hope I can find a more permanant solution. Al;so going to upgrade the air flow harness as per The Bentley.