Fuel Pump Hum


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I have an 82 westy and have just replace the fuel pump which quit working. In the days leading to the pump failure I was hearing a strained humming noise that after the failure was discovered to be the sound of the fuel pump.

When I replaced it I replaced with an aftermarket pump and the fuel filter upgrade from go westy also replaced fuel lines. This moves the fuel filter after the pump and replaces with larger filter. The van is running great but the fuel pump is louder than previous remembered and can be hear with windows open and driving. The pump does not sound strained or struggling it is just a bit louder than I remember.

I have tested fuel pressure regulator and it tested great. Checked lines for and pinched hoses and such.

Could the aftermarket pump be a bit louder then the original that was in? Is this just paranoia? Could it be electrical?

Any help, ideas or experiences would be appreciated.




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Every pump will emit a different sound. You have a new pump and add to that the fact that you modified the filter location and it would be difficult to imagine the noise would be the same. If the pump does not sound labored and your fuel pressure is good then I would go drive and enjoy your new set up.

Just check your fuel lines / brackets / fuel filter and any subsequent hardware are not contacting something that would cause the vibrations from the pump to be transmitted into the vehicle making the noise appear louder.