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Injectors and ground strap

I'm having trouble getting my '88 Westie (Digifant) going this spring (died in the driveway last fall). After some testing through the Bentley, I replaced the coil and now I have a spark. Yippy. After, I tried to start it but all I could get the engine to do was fire every 15 seconds of so for just a moment. I pulled the left side injectors (disconnected the right side) and I only got an intermittent spray of fuel. I'm trying to work my way through the Bentley but I'm spending a lot of time scratching my head. There is evidence of a braided ground strap that has rotted out on the left side of the engine compartment. I cleaned up all the grounds that I could find including the battery's but I'm at a loss at to where this strap went. Could this the problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks, Mike

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To be clear, an earlier posts indicates that the little crimped washer or collar on the fuel injector can be left off in favor of a new clamp? I want to make sure that there is no other use for this collar. If left on there is not enough meat left on the barb to clamp and the clamp wants to slide forward.
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Fuel injector firing order HELP! 84 1.9 water cooled digijet

I mixed up my injector connections and now cannot figure out the correct way to plug them back in. The wiring diagram Bentley 97.55 is reverse of my harness. Peeling the boots back shows the wiring numbering. So in other words, the injector wires on the right side of the engine (cylinders 1 & 2) have the injector wires (numbers) for for cylinders 3 & 4, (24,23) cylinders 3 & 4 have the wiring for injectors 1 & 2 (12 & 11). This must be a misprint in the Bentley because the harness wouldn't fit in reverse (the wires for cyl 1 & 2 aren't long enough to reach cyl 1 & 2). I also checked the numbering at the ECU. I have spent days searching this site and have not come across any info that helps. Could somebody with an 84/85 let me know what wire #'s go to each cylinder's injector? 1=RF 2=RR 3=LF 4=LR

Also, it doesn't seem to run any different with them swapped, (front to back not side to side - wires don't reach) and in doing the trouble shooting it looks to the naked eye as if each pair fire at the same time anyway. I did read a post on injector timing, and example was given as: i.e 7 & 11 are cyl 4 but my Bentley clearly shows 11 as the white wire going from the ECU to INJ CYL 2. then Capt. Mike explains a theory that each injector should be timed for each cylinder but it doesn't seem to be backed up anywhere in the Bentley, or I can't find it. This is driving me nuts please help!


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I have read this and several other posts and am still trying to identify what may be going on with my 82 air cooled. She ran fine since I bought her until a couple weeks ago. She stalled out and refused to even crank up for some time. After a few hours I went back to her, was able to crank it up but she would not idle. Since this time, I have replaced the plugs,wires, coil, rotor, distributor, fuel filter, added isopropyl alcohol to the gas tank (incase there was water in the tank) all to no avail. I feel as though (in my less than perfect wisdom of VW engines) that the next logical step might be to check the fuel injectors. Any suggestions? Thanks to you all that may have some advice for me.Injec


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fire order on a 1.9 water cooled digijet

I know it has been a long time since your post.... I am having the same problem with my 1.9 water cooled digijet. I think the wiring diagram in the bentley is wrong as well. How did yours turn out???


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Please note what your issue is and we'll try and help.

Injectors have constant power (+ve) and are grounded when the ECM decides that fuel is needed. I cannot verify this in the Bentley but a little digging on the web shows that the fuel injectors are controlled as a group and inject 1/2 the amount of fuel required each revolution so that each cylinder gets the required amount when needed. Thus, the plug on the individual injector is not an issue as the injectors are controlled as a group.


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I am in need of some help. I have an 82 westy manual. My last tank of gas I got terrible gas mileage about 9 MPG. First thing I found was my oil smelled of gas. Did a compression test was ok a little lower than before. Thought this might be partly due to gas diluted oil. Have been going through the bentley test for Fuel injection. do hear a hissing near the intake air sensor but can not find a leak. have also replace many but not all hoses in the air system.

Fuel pressure regulator fine
cold start fine
injector plug light flickers

fuel injector #2 resistance is out of parameters. could this be the problem or is there more?

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Hi Kurt

The injector is just a solenoid that opens and closes. The 'opening' allows fuel to flow through it. By varying the time the injector is open then the ECU can control how much fuel is injected. It uses the other sensors on the engine to calculate how much is needed. You say that your .."injector #2 resistance is out of parameters." so I would guess it is too high. Can you tell us what reading you are getting? If the resistance is too high when measured directly at the injector then you need to replace it. If you are measuring the wiring then the wiring may be the issue so please measure at the injector.

The 9 MPG and the "..oil smelled of gas" suggests the vehicle is running too rich and that excess fuel is finding its' way into the crankcase. Did your oil level get higher and if so by how much (approx.)? Did the van drive differently (lack power; have to drive in a lower gear etc.) than you are used to?

The rich running would not be due to the injector. The injector could be stuck open causing this issue but that would not (necessarily) show up in high resistance. I would suggest you look over your sensors and see if any are out of specification. Remember that the readings may be temperature dependant so make sure you are compensating for temperature. E.g. Your temp sensor will show a voltage range but if you get a voltage nearer the lower end while the vehicle is cold then that is an issue. If the sensor readings all come back OK then pull your injectors and put some cardboard under them. Now you can either energise your fuel pump relay (if you are familiar with that) or turn the key on and off a few times. Do not crank it over!!!!!!! If the cardboard is wet when the key is on then you have a leaky injector. Pinpoint which one and replace.

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Injector Cleaner??

Are they any good and if so does anyone here has experience with them ? Is it good prevention to use one, worth it?