front wheel bearing going out???


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So, I have a 1985 westy full camper, M/T, California model. Took it to a garage about 1k miles ago and they found a bunch of stuff to fix but I could not afford to fix everything. One thing wrong with it was the front left bearing. Basically, when I would drive it, it used to make a click click click sound when I was making right turns before the engine got warmed up, after the engine got warmed up, no noise on right turns. I realize the engine warming up has nothing to do with the front wheel bearing but that is how it is. The last few times I drove it the "click, click, click" turned into a kind of scraping sound. And the last time I took it out I had two places where I made a right turn and it sounded like something fell apart, I was looking in the rear view mirror to see if anything fell off from the bottom... I think the bearing might have totally fallen apart. I got under the front axle and checked the wheel, the steering box, and everything looks normal, but, of course, I can not see the bearing. Nothing loose. I am about to jack it up and do the wobble test, try wobbling the tire vertically and horizontally as per the Haynes "bearing adjustment" instructions...

Has anyone here changed out a front wheel bearing? It looks like a lot of work but does not seem especially complicated (I have the Haynes and Bentley manuals). Is it safe to drive on it? Will the wheel just fall off or ___? Has anyone here driven for a long time with a bad bearing??? Any suggestions are appreciated.


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it is not safe to you could cause more damage to spindle and other parts that could cost more money.actually pretty easy to replace wheel bearing.might be alittle time consuming if you havn't done one before,but easy.replace as soon as you can.

Jason Rolfe

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not too hard to replace. The Haynes manual has good step by step instructions. You should replace as soon as you can.