Fridge Won't Run on AC or DC

Capt. Mike

The wiring diagram for your camper is posted on the site's tech drawings. It appears you have a break in the connection from the auxiliary battery and/or possibly a bad or miswired battery cut-off relay. The recharge timer is supposed to only feed the auxilliary battery. But the feed also goes to the main via the relay. If the relay is bad or been tampered with, recharge could be feeding the main as well. The relay is a metal-case, mounted on the left side of the engine compartment. This is found when some owners want to recharge the main battery off AC but don't understand the wiring. When this happens, the timer will connect both. I would guess you are currently running DC fridge off of the main because they have been cross-connected. Your aux. is either dead or has blown its fuse. Note: There are internal and in-line fuses NOT shown in the Bentley but are in the Repair Manual Type 2 diagram that is attached. Go to the wiring diagram and trace everything and restore to ORIGINAL. In OE form, the fridge, battery & recharge all work excellent. There are superior ways to recharge the main of DC instead of butchering the OE wiring.


  • 97.4 wiring diagram P27 electrical layout pg 1.jpg
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Fridge lacks electrical

On my '84 Westy I have a OE relay under the driver seat where an aux.battery would reside. I'm trying to determine if this relay is faulty.

In reading these posts and looking at Bentley 97.32b & .32c, I'm assuming the S16 fuse would be "hot" only with the ignition on. The S8 fuse is always hot, but I'm not getting anything on S16 and thus nothing on fridge fan etc... So is this right, is it a relay failure, or should I work backwards from the fridge ground.

The fridge is electrically not functioning. The 110v isn't working besides the 12v, am I looking replacing the E79 switch behind the fridge? Or maybe the ground behind the fridge if I'm lucky.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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1987 Westy Fridge Not Working on 110v AC


I'm new to the forum and have an issue with fridge AC power (only). I've checked this thread and haven't determined how to troubleshoot this issue. To be clear, Propane and DC operation (via Aux battery) work well.

I've checked the socket that the fridge plugs into and it is providing the correct power. I'm not clear on where the fuse or relay for the refrigerator's 110v operation is. Advise appreciated. Thanks.

- James
Troubleshooting DC Fridge circuits

I have limited electrical knowledge, although it seems to be on the increase, per force.

The Dometic 182B in my '85 Westy (Canadian Vanagon GL) works on AC, but not on DC.

I have downloaded the Aux Battery schematic of Capt. Mike and have checked out the relay under the seat. This is what I have found.

The large gauge red wire from the front of the van (connects to 87) has power with the engine running and not running. The same can be said for the red wire running from the relay to the fuse box behind the driver's seat.

None of the other wires show life either with the engine running or off.

I read the Aux Batt schematic to suggest that the R/Bk wire (85) should go to the Alternator & the Blue wire (86) somewhere else. I may have the destination of these two confused.

I take it that these two wires should be inert when the engine is off, but live when it is on. I have checked the Alternator and find a small gauge blue wire coming off the post at the back.

My conclusion is that there is a break in the circuit that operates the electromagnetic switch in the relay. My problem is that I cannot see clearly how to trace the problem. (From the above, you can correctly surmise that I am not fluent in schematics, all the help from Bentley and Capt. Mike notwithstanding.)


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First off.. Let me say.. Mike you will be missed, thanks for everything you've done!

I'm gonna say i'm an absolute newbee.. I've had my 1990 GL westfalia for over a month and i'm getting it ready for a 4 month trip this summer. Here is a little back ground on what i know so far. I've had the LP system checked out and everything seems to be working. I'm in the process of replacing the pump in my water tank and now i'm working on the fridge.

I have the factory instructions of the fridge and have tried everything to get it to work. When I select the LP mode the amber light turns on and i can't get it to start up.
I also can't get it to work on DC or AC.

Please help