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RV Mobile Inc. is an RV fridge specialist and rebuilder. They have an impressive web site of tech info & troubleshooting.

I have not used them, but my few communications have been professional and they seem committed to the RV market and repairs when so many places think change-out is the only option. Unfortunately, they report the supply of parts for the Dometic 182 series used in Vanagons is drying up and that model is not in their rebuild program. A pox on you, Dometic!

Their address is:

RV Mobile, Inc.
11715 HWY 99 S.
Everett, WA 98204
Phone: (425) 355-1170
Fax: (425) 348-3473
Hours: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm PST, Monday through Friday

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RM182b rebuilder

pablow666 Member # 328 posted 07-20-2001 02:39 PM

I found a company in Everett WA that will rebuild the cooling unit on the RM182b refrigerator in Westy's such as my 87. Their website is:

It's an excellent website filled with useful information about how the dometic refrigerators work and what goes wrong when you park off-level and how do diagnose problems, etc. Also, the entire rebuilding process is outlined with photographs of the steps involved. I highly recommend this web site! They seem like a reputable company as far as I can tell, but would appreciate feedback from anyone who has had dealings with them.

The rebuild will cost $265 including return shipping. This price does not include removing the fridge and removing the cooling unit from the fridge which I plan to do myself. $265 is actually quite a bargain for what will essentially be a like new fridge. Of course, I won't do it without some kind of warranty. Don't have that info yet.

The challenging part for me will be to always park on a level. You see, the fridge in my van is my ONLY fridge so I use it year round. This also means that I don't ever have the flue cap on . . ..
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I've had a little email exchange with TJ Gillmore, owner of RVMobile. And I'm pleased to pass on his comments as this may be the last bastion of hope for some of us with the old Westy fridges. TJ isworking on the Vanagon fridges under certain circumstances. Here's his message:

I definitely remember talking to you a few years ago. We never quit working on the RM182s, but I've always shied away from them. Van refrigerators always seemed a little unnatural to me. Too many compromises, especially in the venting. In general. the cooling units haven't become too rusty to rebuild, so we still rebuild them. And, if a customer pulls the refrigerator out and brings it in, we'll work on it.

On their redesigned website, they have two tech forums. They are separate and require separate registration but, at least in my case, both took the same User ID & passwords. In the new, please use the same common sense we require on this site -- don't just pile on new topics for what's already posted in his archives or has topics started. He ran into the same problem we had of the posts becoming unmanageable.

I'm also going to caution our members not to set expectations too high before you yank a fridge & ship it off expecting miracles.

First, as TJ mentions, there are so many problems with installation and venting, you have to be 100% sure that the problem is within the unit. You'll find some of his excellent tech and diagnostic tips under the various fridge topics in their forum. Be sure it's NOT a flue or power problem. Read his 'rebuilding' information on their website to be sure you understand the process, what can be done, and have one that is repairable.
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jerepowers Super Member Posted June 29, 2003 01:29 PM

In Twin Cities, Minnesota, Gary Hartman, 763-783-1489 [h] or 612-990-9925 [m], is an ace at fixing these fridges. I brought mine to him and he fixed the plugged pilot light in 10 minutes and didn't want any money. He does amonia refridgeration repairs on RVS, etc. Has a whole shop dedicated to it. He is a former Westy owner.

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tomm Member Posted April 24, 2007 12:39 PM

In the Charlotte NC area, RV & Camper Refrigeration, Inc in Indian Trail does service work on the Dometic units found in Westies. Ph. 704 821-9119, they are located at 108 Indian Trail Rd., Indian Trail, NC. Sam Obermiller is the owner, technician.

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nucoldsux Junior Member Posted May 21, 2007 03:00 PM

If anyone, anywhere supports Nucold Refrigeration (Morrilton AR), you need better drugs. DO NOT, NEVER, EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SHYSTER.

NuCold Refrigeration
220 Sardis Rd.
Morrilton, Arkansas, 72110
Phone: 501-354-6764


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I recommend Paulson's in Tucson. Glen Paulson runs a one-man shop. He's a Dometic specialist, and a wizard with Westie fridges.

Paulson's RV Service & Supplies Inc.

(520) 624-1053246 W Glenn St, Tucson, AZ 85705-4431