Fridge not working properly - full power!!!

Stefan Binder

New member
Hey guys,

I have a kind of different problems what I'm reading here... not hot beer in holidays, but frozen ;)
I'm new to all that here, just to say :)

My specs: Marco Polo Westfalia from year 2000
Fridge model RC1130 with Prod Nr. 958 3106 11

I can "adjust" the temperature via the control panel on the front (turning on/off and degrees)
But it seems the degrees aren't working properly, the fridge always runs on full power and freezes everything.

I guess on of that:
1. Thermostat is broken
2. The control-panel is not sending it right

Any ideas? How could I check and find the cause?
If I wanna change the thermostat, which one I would need? :confused: I would like to change it on my own haha