Fresh air ducting. (NO heat or A/C questions!)



Fresh air ducting NO heat or A/C questions

Has the air out of this register ever been warmer? Is there a normal amount of airflow? keep in mind that in AC mode or fan only mode, the blower may run at a different speed.

You can turn on emergency heat to see if theres more heat. The backup heat source will probably prodcue a hotter air temp then a heat pump. This will only help show that there isnt a issue with the ductwork. running electric heat all the time will really crank up your electric bill

What was the outside temperature at the time? If its below around 20 then your backup heat source should kick on. Check breakers if its electric you will have several sets for the whole system. If its gas, make sure its lighting.

Go outside when its running and see if the fan on the top of your condenser is spinning when the compressor is running. If this fan is not spinning it will really hurt its efficiency.

Also check that the fins are clear of leaves, grass, etc on the outside and inside of the condenser unit. Air needs to freely flow through these. Also check for a large amount of bent fins.. A few wont hurt much but if its been attacked with a weed trimmer or mower it could make a difference. Same will happen if there is ice buildup. There could be a problem with the defrost cycle.