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Sarasota FL recommendation from J Henley

Steve at Bugnutz rescued me a couple of times with my Westy and he was always so honest about assessing things that I never had a need or a desire to go anywhere else. I've gotten taken a number of times by mechanics because I know nothing beyond the rudimentary about engines or cars in general. Like I know to check the compression on the heads on Vanagons before I buy them and I can add oil and put air in the tires.

Steve's a free spirit and keeps odd hours, but I probably could call him if I was stranded out on 75 somewhere and he'd make sure that I got home and that the car got taken care of. I think he spent years as a HVAC specialist, if I remember correctly. He's not one of those anal German mechanics, you wouldn't want to eat off the floor of his shop, but he's come through when I've needed him. And he thinks. He's jury-rigged stuff for me in the past when we couldn't come up with an easy fix. He's a down home kind of mechanic.

His phone number is 941-371-7663 and he's located in between the Fruitville and Bee Ridge exits in Sarasota, right next to 75.
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Sarasota FL recommendation from Dave Pierce

jonc Moderator 06-07-2000 01:13 AM

Hi - - the only VW mechanic in this area that I have any experience with is Rick's VW Repair in Sarasota. He and Jan do good work for a fair price. Jan has a Westy that they've restored beautifully, so I'd have to recommend them.

Naples FL recommendation by Luke Bradshaw

jonc Moderator 06-07-2000 01:22 AM

Otto's V.W. Repair
5833 Houchin Street
Naples, Florida 34109
Owner: William O. Unland

Moderator's note ... Mr. Unland very pleasant but a bit off put by waterboxes... he will work on them but he is not comfortable with it... Air Cooled not a problem... Sarasota is 100 miles north on I-75.

Homasassa Springs Fl recommended by Busbones

jonc Moderator 06-10-2000 08:23 AM

Mel Wilson 352 628 5244 located north of Tampa near Crystal River on the Gulf Coast.

Land O Lakes FL recommended by Busbones

jonc Moderator 06-10-2000 08:25 AM

A & J Automotive 813 996 6306 a suburb just north of Tampa.

Jacksonville FL recommenced by Dave Long

jonc Moderator 06-13-2000 05:18 PM

Carl Barquist
Autohaus, Inc.
4325 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: (904) 399-2533
Fax: (904) 393-9005

Recommended by David Long Westy owner and frequent vanagon list poster.

Fort Myers FL The Tool Guy

jonc Moderator posted 06-21-2000 10:22 PM

Fred Foltz from Cape Coral Florida is a former VW America tech ace with 30 years experiance... a racing crash forced him out from under VW's of all types but he still has vast knowledge of Westy's ...he has parts, tools. He has both the willingness and the abiltity to advise those who might need it and would like the benefit of his thirty years of wrenching....cell phone 941 410 4342 in tool van... home phone 941 574 6990...

Ocala, FL

jonc Moderator posted 09-27-2000 10:46 PM

Heater's Import Auto Repair (sadly Ed Heater Has Retired from his own shop as of Aug 1 2001).

7175 S Pine Ave # M, Ocala, FL 34480-8080 Phone: (352)368-6850

J.C. Taylor Busbones right hand mechanic over 30 years in VW's of all descriptions... Private contractor for busbones can be reached through them...fair, excellent, and honest

Busbones Vintage
1537 N Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34475-9082 Phone: (352)622-4425

Both of these resources are recommended by Busbones who is a quality restorer and a great source of used parts.

Fort Myers FL

jonc Moderator 09-27-2000 10:55 PM

German Motors

Competant, brusque and pricey
$550 estimate for waterpump replacement in a 1.9 waterbox... parts not included

Capt. Mike Moderator 10-02-2000 07:24 PM

Who in the H . . . are they kidding? Can't they read the VW flat rate manual? Competent is one thing, ripping people off is another. If I can do it in 4 hours, including beer breaks, what the hell else are they doing the other 8? I've got a receipt from an official VW dealer for 3.4 hours which included unloading the damn car to get to it!
Pardon my French but rip-offs get my goat!

Tampa Bay

jonc Moderator posted 12-17-2000 07:47 AM

World Cars in Tampa. A few blocks off Dale Mabry north of Raymond James Stadium. Phil and David are the senior mechanics and know their stuff.

They service buses and vanagons on a regular basis. I think the number is 813 875 6440.

Recommended by Pat Dooley of the vanagon mailing list.
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dieselslave Junior Member posted November 12, 2003 07:18 PM

J B Bugs in Jensen Beach Florida is about 100 or so miles north of Miami.

I have found decent parts available in stock-like a clutch slave cylinder for my 84 Vanagon, plus all the goodies I ever needed for my air cooled models too.He is also a knowlegeable mechanic and is close to the beach.

Open monday thru Friday-Saturdays are optional----3500 Northeast Candice Avenue, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
(772) 334-2847

Thanks from Gary in Stuart Florida.
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scruffyboy Member Posted August 04, 2007 10:56 PM

Key West: If you happen to be visiting the Florida Keys Well...Uhhh...Hate to say it but you're kinda limited, especially when you get as far as Key West. There IS one shop, Hans Hammel on Bertha St. Rick is a pretty good guy and will do what he can to get you going. Not sure how much he likes air-cooled. I have seen them working on them from time to time, waterboxers as well. He's kinda-sorta kicked me indabutt a couple of times and told me "you can do THAT!" Glad he did. Surprisingly, Advance Auto Parts has a lot of parts avaliable in stock and can get others fairly quickly. The AIRS list is a GOOD thing to have in the Florida Keys.