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I have an 88 Westy and I'm wondering if there is a fire extinguisher replacement that will fit the old bracket? I'm sure I can simply get another fire extinguisher but I would like to avoid re-mounting a new bracket. Thanks for the help. Jim

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IF you could get a replacement fire extinquisher from VW, I'd guess it outrageously priced and require special order, so I'll make this suggestion. I'm assuming your objection is drilling more holes for a replacement mounting bracket.

This is a case where a custom adapter should be relatively easy. Try a piece of wood maybe ½" x 2" x 4". Drill holes per the original extinguisher mount, and countersink them such that the original mount screw head will be flush.

Repeat for the new mount except counter sink the reverse side so the screw end and nut will be below the rear surface. Slightly more professional looking would be threaded inserts or what is called a blind nut for wood if you care to go that route (most hardware stores). You might have to cut down the mount screw once you've determined correct length. I suppose a short wood screw for the new bracket that doesn't poke through would work but I'd question its stripping out first time the bracket takes a hit.

Stain, varnish or paint to choice. Play with a router for fancy edges if you're not wood-challenges as I am.

[You could also use metal plate. 3/16" or 1/4" thickness would give you enough to countersink the original screws, then drill & tap for the new bracket mount, cutting off any protrusion flush.]
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Was the original fire ext a VW product?
I have a 74 bus with the 78 westy interior...well most of it anyway. ;p

Does anyone have one of the original late 70's fire extinguishers handy?
Maybe someone could post any information they find on a label or something?
What is the diameter and height of it?

c'mon guys. There has to be a fire extinguisher out there somewhere that will sit all nice and cozy in that little spot and let that nice little plastic band hold it all snuggly up against the base of the zbed like it 'sposed to...

clark gordon

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The OE fire extinguisher in my '90 Vanagon is a Pyrene (brand name) dry chemical Model 210D, Classification 5 B:C. The only address is Pyrene, Inc.; Linden NJ 07036. This unit is a smooth bottle with a plastic top. The plastic top has a green button to press to test if it's charged; there is no gauge. It mounts to a plastic wall bracket.

I know that's not the model in a Type II Westy, but this info might help someone if not a suitable substitute for you.


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I have an 85 Westy and I picked up a replacement dry chemical B:C unit at a marine store. same size as original thus fits the bracket as the the OE one.

Mine is white but they had red as well. West Marine may have these.

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If you want an exact replacement you might try a local fire extinguisher servicing company, they could probably hook you up with a knock off, or they may even be able to recharge the original. Good luck

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Considering the massive gains in technology of fire extinguishers, I'd question whether an original is the best choice. Recognizing the mounting problems discussed above, I see new technology that is superior to our OE extinguishers, I'd go that route in anything but a show car -- it you drive it, go the new technology.

I just returned from the AACA National Meeting and the trade show section had two booths with fire extinguishers. One was a new, no-residue, foaming A-B-C technology that had a (claimed) shelf life of over 15 years. The other had extinguishers smaller than our OE but with superior capacity.

There are also a number of 'disposable' fire extinguishers on the market. Most look like a can of shave cream. I'm NOT recommending them in lieu of a quality UL extinguisher, but they are a convenient supplement. Most will fit in the glove box or door pocket. A quick access, first response, if you will.
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I have a Kidde 4 lbs A.B.C. mounted in the exact location as the original. It is larger than the original, comes with a USCG bracket. Somehow I am more comfortable with this than the 15 year old oem. The only problem is that the squeeze trigger sticks out and I have caught it on things in the past. Having a new or recently tested fire ex is cheap insurance. (These are not concours show cars, keep yourself safe)

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Additional note: At the above trade show, one booth discussed (and touted) that their extinguisher would not 'cake up' like the dry chemical ones with age. He suggested existing dry chem extinguishers be shaken up every so often to prevent the powder from settling & caking. Makes sense; can't hurt.


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I am looking for a decent holder, in order to have the fire extinguisher ready to use front/under the drivers recaro, but I cant find anything interesting after my searches in the web.
Does anyone have a decent solution to propose?


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You could have managed the model with dry chemical Model 210D, As I have Classification 5 B:C model, since past two years. Make sure you do this work quickly. As now a days due to the high amount of heat generating because of changing weather, no one can ever imagine how and when the fire, flood damage will take place. So its always better to take precautions and be ready with safety measures like having fire Extinguisher ready or insurance agreement under the guidance of Public adjuster like public adjuster orange county from website. It will not only protect the home but will help to save others life as well.