"Find those damn Volkswagons anywhere!"

Capt. Mike

Do you know the difference between a fairy tale & a sea story? The fairy tale starts out, "Once apon a time . . ." while a sea story starts out, "Now this ain't no **** . . ."

Sea story, but true!

The Admiral & I were on a big camping trip through the Rockies, then down to Grand Canyon and others. Coming down out of the Rockies on US 550 towards Durango, there are a number of side roads labeled "Four Wheel Drive Only."

Well, Volksrat is 4WD, so off we headed. We had worked our way across some streams and reached a junction that had the crest of the Rockies to the left, and some unknown destination to the right. We were standing there taking a drink and cogitating when a Jeep Jitney came over the crest. These are specially modified Jeeps with a sort of tour bus back section that has a couple-three bench seats in the back -- sort of like a pick-up bed. Without top, they use a PA system for the driver to communicate back to his passengers. The tour companies charge a fortune to take the touristas over these Donner style passes.

:rolleyes: Apparently the driver saw us down near the bottom and pointed us out to his passengers, not realizing that his PA amplified voice carried down off the mountains clear as day. "Look at that. You'll find them damn Volkswagons anywhere!" From a half-mile up the mountain, I knew he couldn't tell we were 4WD, if he had heard of Synchros. ;)

Anyway, they finally ground their way down the mountain and passed us, by which time we had non-chalantly assumed the "Oh, this is so boring pose." We waved (standing so I blocked the 4WD log on the door).

Later, we found another trail that went up over 14,000 feet, when it started to snow. With the Admiral pleading to turn back, and me saying "the next crest has gotta be the top," we did finally reach it. But then had to follow our own tracks back down as the snow obliterated the road. I think she resumed breathing at 7,000 feet. Volksrat never did a hiccup.
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ha ha ha good story,reminds me when we were in estes park,saw alot of them roads wish i couldve turned up one,snowed 8 inches in rocky mountain national park the night we camped cooooold and no room!!damn volks ha ha take it easy capt.