Filling Propane Tank

White Pearl

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How full is my propane tank?

Has anyone figured out how to measure the amount of propane in the propane tank? While running the propane fridge, and cooking on a cross-country trek, I was never quite sure when I needed to refill the tank. I ran out a few times and even though I switched to 12Volt, our food spoiled in the heat. Conventional BBQ tank measurements go by weight, which obviously does not work, on a vehicle.

I also had trouble with a sticky fill valve, which has caused some LP fill guys believe the tank is full even though I know it is not.


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1985 Westfalia propane tank

I have a 1985 VW Westfalia purchased in Canada. I recently tried to have my tank refilled only to be refused because they couldn't turn the bleed value. I'm admittedly a bit naive on these matters but back at home I could turn the value about 1/4 turn with vice grip (I assume that to open the bleed you turn counter clock-wise). Previously the propane fillers didn't care if they couldn't turn the bleed value because they made comments that is was probably an automatic pressure release value. Do I have a problem and if I do what can I do to solve it?