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Saw a neat homemade bracket on a westie last year and thought I would pass it on to you all It's a peice of flat bar about 1 1/4" x 3/8" by 12" long with a peice of pipe ( it was a exaust pipe coupling 1 1/2" to 1 3/8" ) welded on the end so it looked like a corn cob pipe...... and it fitted into the rear jack hole with the 1 1/2" pipe uppermost in which the table slid into it so you are able to cook outside with a coleman stove or wash dishes etc.

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I use one of the 4-person folding picnic tables. Mine is circa 1973 so is made of real steel, brass hardware and a Masonite surface. Folded, it is 4¼" x 14¼" x 33" and weights 27 lb. Open is a 28½" x 33" table with 4 built-in seats 35+ years and going strong! Some minor touch-ups of paint and replaced a leg pin once.

It is quite capable of supporting a loaded Coleman stove for cooking and bunches of other junk. Used under our awning, it's the storage for all the coolers, lanterns, etc. out of the back cargo section to clear the bed.

Lately, most I've seen are cheap plastic, which surprisingly weigh nearly as much -- 25 lb. Cabella has an all aluminum version, also 25 lb.

Although we rarely use ours for eating while camping, the seat arrangement is convenient for the icewater cooler, keeping it at an edge for using the spigot, and various items to keep the table clear. We have used it as a dining table at pig-pickin's and it seats 4 adults in fine style -- a lot better than balancing plates & drinks in a canvas camp chair. Folded up, ours sits on the 4¼" x 33" edge against the rear seat back, leaving most of the cargo space clear.
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