Exchanging non-bus air-cooled boxer versions (Type IV, 914, etc.)


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I am looking at a 79 camper with a blown engine. Just like in another topic , a good friend is offering me a 2 litre engine from a 914. The tin is complete in the van. Will it be possible and what degree of difficulty twill I encounter in fitting the type 4 engine into the van. :confused:
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Capt. Mike

Understand the VW Type IV and the Porsche 914-4 used similar basic short blocks, thus can be made to fit. But they had numerous other differences, particularly fuel, exhaust, ignition & cooling systems.

Examine the parts and shops manuals for the respective engine applications to see what parts are common and which will have to be obtained/reused from the original vehicle. Also check the internal design differences -- the fuel, exhaust and ignition will have to match the characteristics of the replacement engine. Fit doesn't necessarily mean work well.


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My first post here, and am looking for suggestions while awaiting my Bentley manual to arrive. I have 2 porsche (haynes and lash int'l manuals)that am studying, along with internet information.
I have a busted case VW 2.0 for my 77 Westie. Many parts have checked out fine. Crank,rods, cam, no heads.
I also have a same series (GD series) 2.0 case with good pistons, and 1.8 heads, and am unsure/wary of crankcase and crankshaft condition due to endplay.
I also have fairly recent professionally rebuilt 1.8 914/4 that i'm mixing in to this rebuild, mainly for the case. Maybe more...
I'd like to achieve a strong, cool running 2.0 Type IV for travel,and daily driving. I'm not looking for a 'hot' high rpm motor, just efficient.
All intake, cooling and f.i and exhaust will be the stock 2.0 liter system from the original 77 Westie.
Does anyone want to offer me any particularly difficult or disadvantageous areas to watch out for, or tips if you have them? Am open to suggestions and further conversation.
Again, i'm reading what info i can find, and will make full comparison to techs from the Bentley once it arrives. So far I'm not seeing any major differences between the Porsche 1.8 case/heads and VW 2.0 internal machinery and potential mating.

many thanks.


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I have a 1982 Vanagon Westy with low miles and in excellent
overall condition and it came with factory AC. My main complaint
with the old air-cooled busses, were that they were underpowered.
The 2 liter engine has 67 horsepower. The most powerful of the 914
Porsche engines was the 1973, which actually put out 104
horsepower. I have purchased one of these engines and plan to do an
engine swap. Physically, the engine on the outside is almost
identical to the bus engine. The throttle linkage is different and
the aircleaner is different, which I can see by observation. I have
also purchased external oil coolers to keep the high HP Porsche
engine cool. It should be a great and reliable Westy after the
conversion, and I am real excited about the thoughts of it when
I would appreciate any information that anyone has about doing
the engine swap, and any links you could point me to which would
provide help or more detailed instructions for the swap.


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Thanks for the reply Capt. Mike. I didn't mention that I have everything that was on the 2.0 914, the wiring harness, the fuel injection pump, sensors, fuse blocks and relays. I think that I have everything to make the 914 engine run. I do see a height difference at the intake and air cleaner. As far as exhaust, heater boxes, muffler, I can do all that work. I am handy at fabrication, and have done a lot of mechanical work over the years. I have a spare Vanagon engine that I can swap parts onto the 914, so that should not be a big problem, I don't think. I have pipe benders, welders and other equipment to do any minor fab work. I think my biggest problem will be getting the 914 to fit under the read deck and hooking up the throttle linkage, which I am sure I will have to make a lot of the parts for that.
I have several good external oil coolers, and plan to have a very good system for cooling the oil. One will be mounted inside the bus with a heater fan behind it, for extra heating in the winter time. The other will be externally mounted. One of the biggest problems with the bus engines is keeping them cool. The high heat is what causes the premature wearing out and failures.
When I am done, I hope to have a more reliable Vanagon with power for the highways.
I will keep everyone posted on the project, as I do it.


Exchanging non bus air cooled boxer versions Type IV 914 etc

I have a BHAF air filter----
I am just now trying to mount it -
It is a DuraLite #546637 and is about 81/2 by 11 main body

I am having a little trouble fitting it in the available space-
My question - is - do they make slightly smaller versions of the same general type of filter ?
maybe a bit skinnier ?


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