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Hi from downunder in Australia. I have enjoyed exploring your site but still need some help please. My daughter has rented a 1988 VW from Holland to spend 2 months camping in Europe in the summer. They have said it is a Westfalia conversion. What does this mean - is it a pop top or does the roof open up from one side? There are 4 girls going (watch out Europe!)so the location and size of the beds are important. She has the option of hiring an awning - should she do this? Is it a pain to get up and down? I would really appreciate some help and would love links to sites where I might be able to see pictures. Many thanks. Sally :D
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You can view pictures of a '90 Westy on my pics site linked from the home page about 2/3 the way down. A '88 is identical. My awning is a US brand so that wouldn't be identical. There are probably minor variations from the US version for ones marketed in Europe.

4 full-sized adults is gonna be tight! The bunks are adequate, but they will quickly learn a Westy is for 'camping' not motorhoming. And most of the 'camping' will be done outside while the Westy is for driving, sleeping and eating.

We are assuming the "Westfalia Conversion" means the full-blown factory Westy. Do understand Westfalia is an independent company and converts many vans with many packages. They also do VW's for other customers to their specs. So do confirm this isn't some minor conversation without the pop-top, beds, etc. There could also be variations of equipment like the fridge or stove. So ask!


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Thankyou so much for your help. As a result of the messages I phoned Holland and discovered that the van they are providing has NO roof beds - it's a small lifting roof, whatever that means. Anyway, they are going to change the vehicle to another more suitable one so as soon as I know what it is, I guess I'll be back to ask some more questions. Many thanks indeed.Sally

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The very early Westies, including the one in the site logo, used a lifting roof that went straight up on all sides with canvas sides. It gave head room over the roof opening but did not allow use of the rest of the roof, thus no room for beds in the pop-top. In the later years through about '75, they had a child's cot in the opening but not the double bed. It wasn't until the change to the front lift roof (hinges at the rear) that it got the double bed in the roof. Some models also had a removeable cot that fit into brackets over the front seats that would hold small children up to about 65 pounds. That option was discontinued with the Vanagons models in 1981.

Like I said, Westfalia makes many conversions for private customers and companies. Sounds like your rental company has a cheaper version done for them. I'd sure ask about fridge & stove, too.
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Sally: Would you be so kind as to share the email address or phone number of the rental agency in Holland. I am interested in renting a van in Europe. Thanks. My email is "", for anybody out there that has more information to share on this.


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We've partnered with an agency that rents Westfalias and other RVs in Europe.

Follow the link to get to the site Auto Europe Site.

If you use their services, we'd appreciate your feedback.


[Moderator Note 1/21/2010: There web site does not offer any way to access their program to rent a Westy or RV. You will have to contact them direct.]
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Thinking about renting out my Westy.....

I live in England - where everything is expensive. I've got a young family and we love our Westy but we're finding it harder to afford to keep it on the road.
I'm toying with the idea of renting it out once a year - hopefully enough to pay for the road tax ($400 equivalent) and insurance.
Does this interest anyone on this board? I would only consider someone who owns a Westy themselves, for obvious reasons!
The van is in A1 condition as it's wrapped up for 6 months of the year. It passed it's mot last week with no work required.
It's a LHD (imported from Germany), 1987 2.1i that's just been converted to run on lpg - so it's economical and fast! There's an awning, trailer, bikerack(with bikes!) and a map of Scotland.
I could obviously email pics to anyone interested. As I say, i'm just kicking this around at the moment.
Any thoughts on this would be welcome - but I guarantee this van is better than anything you could rent!



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Belgium to Germany

New here. I own a '82 westy located on the East coast USA. Traveling to Belgium on a limited budget. Looking to see if anyone knows of VW rentals that I could pick up in Belgium and drop off in Munich. A long shot, I know, but worth a try.


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Westy Rental in Italy

Can anyone tell me of any Westy rentals in Italy. Despite about 2 solid days harrassing Google, I can only find one in the whole of italy. Please help! we are travelling in October 2010 and would love to rent for 1 week - 10 days.