Engine switch 87 2100 into an 85 westy

uncle ouzel

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So here goes. I have a couple of questions. I have an 85westy that had a 1900 engine in it that we finally hammered to death, a good ol boy but he is done. I was lucky and got a good running 2100 out of an 87 a fella here is replacing with something to climb mountains with. i have it in and there are a few things a little different. one was the plug to the hall sensor on the distributor. so i tried putting the distributor off the 1900 on it, things kinda lined up. but just kinda. it ran for a bit. was hot on #4. and off. next day no spark. have been doing the tests in the manual and it seems to indicate the hall control unit as the culprit. Anyhow, here are my queries. is there any problem with using the 85 controller on the 87 engine, how bout the plug to the hall sending unit to the distributor, can I make it fit the 87 distributor plug and use it?
I have no spark.