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Hi, to everyone. This is my first question so please excuse the ignorance.I have recently acquired a 1995 VW Westfalia Eurovan, my first campervan, the learning curve is vertical from my point of view. There is a problem with an electrical resistor plate that appears to be burnt out. It is part of the Westfalia circuitry rather that the van itself as it appears to be linked to the leisure batteries. The Part Number may be N10, I don't know whether it is 90 or 100 amps I don't know what the previous owners did to cause the problem. The resistor is by the side of the refrigerator. I have taken it off and it has burnt in two, even the plastic on the component is melted. Can anyone help me to identify the component from the information that I have given so that I can replace it? I have taken some photographs of where it was in the van and the state of the component. Please help.


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