Double Bed Conversion for Pop Top?


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Hi All.

I am in the middle of potentially buying my first Westy. I found an amazing '72 fully restored and I love it but we have one issue. We have a 18 month old and we plan on having her sleep on the back bed with the seat up while we sleep up top. The problem is that this pop top has a fold over cot style bed for only one person.

Has anyone had experience converting this type of bed to a full 2 person bed? I have also looked at a bus with a riviera top and loved how it had the wood slats and thin mattress pieces to create a full double size bed. Is it possible to build something similar? Will it fit if I do this?

Any help is appreciated! I am a carpenter so my initial thought is to just remove the older single cot and custom build some sort of series of platforms. But I figured this is something others have experienced so I thought I would ask.