Destination unknown


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My favorite road trips have allways been destination unknown, they can take you anywhere. I take off work early on Fridays, if I work at all. The wife and I load up the bus and set off for nowhere at all, my second favorite place. It has allways been an adventure. Last Fall we loaded the bus and set out, it was an awsome day, camped in Eurika Springs Ar. first nite, had a blast. Next nite we camped at Kimberling city Mo., got to see and here one of the most amazing things ever. A huge flock of Gueese came in for a uniform landing right next to us. Got home on the third day and relized we had gone less than 200 miles. To much fun, road trips don't have to be long to be a blast.


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that's what i did in my 68 camper 30yrs ago.then work,kids etc. until i was in a motorcycle wreck last a vanagon westy and put 5,000 miles on it in 2 months.always missed my 68 (had it for 10yrs).forfot i much fun they are.congrats