Dear Auxiliary Battery?


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I recently purchased a 1987 Westfalian Camper with auxiliary battery under driver's seat. This battery was running water pump, fridge and interior lighting, and I had tested/used them several times. DURING MY FIRST REAL TRIP, it seems that this battery is no longer working, didn't hold a charge after I had driven about 30 miles.

The seller did warn me to start/drive the car about once a week, but I blew it and recently left it for a couple of weeks. Is this the reason?

The only other change I can think of is that I plugged a USB connector into the rear cigarette lighter, but didn't plug anything into the connector, just put it there so I could use it sometime. Would that have drained off power?

Interior lights, water pump and fridge work when the van is on . . .

Not mechanically included at all, so whatever I need to do, I will most likely have to take it to a shop.

Any suggestions most appreciated! What should I do?


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Could be you need a new battery. How old are they. Usually if a battery refuses to hold a charge its time for a new one.


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This is an old thread so (hopefully) you've figured it out by now. Yes you might just have a weak 2nd battery and need to replace it. And Yes the USB adaptor might be draining the battery even when nothing is plugged into it - cheaper ones will do that.

So much has changes in the last few years as far as power management options and very energy efficient accessories that I sometimes think we ought to toss all of the electrical management thread answers and start over (of course these answers will be dated too very soon)