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2 yrs ago my wife and I quit our jobs and traveled for about 8 months. Spent 3 of them in our '85 Westfalia. Left Seattle in Feb. '98 and headed south. Stops in Arches and Canyonlands N.P.s (windy and cold), drove Monarch Pass in Colorado (over 11,000 ft--the van did great(BFG All-Terrains)!). Hit Carlsbad Caverns for a couple days and then headed for Big Bend N.P. (sun at last!). Meandered across Texas (stopped to look for the Marfa lights--didn't see 'em) and ate lots of barbecue
. A couple days in New Orleans, down to the Everglades (Alligator Alley!) and the Keys (spring break--what a zoo!). Blue Ridge Parkway, Annapolis, Philly, NYC, Boston, Cape Cod (there's a great "rail trail" for bikes), Acadia N.P., Upstate NY (beautiful!), Ontario (lots of Westies on the road there--with good reason!), Minnesota (voracious mosquitoes!), South Dakota, Colorado again (Mesa Verde, Sand Dunes), Natural Bridges Nat'l Monument in Utah (one of the highlights of the trip--beautiful drive, under-used park, Perseid Meteor showers!) then home--finances were dwindling and the A.C. was having trouble keeping up with August in Utah...

It was so much fun we're gonna do it again next year (longer this time!). Nothing like waking up whenever you want, morning coffee with a good book, a stroll in the woods and a road trip if you feel like it. There are so many fantastic nat'l and state (and provincial) parks to be explored and enjoyed!

See you on the road (we'll wave)!

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Cross Country

Grant Junior Member # 665 posted 09-07-2001 01:25 PM

Just arrived in Vermont from Seattle. We moved and decided to enjoy our trip across this wonderful country.

Took two cars. The '89 Westy and our '98 Subaru wagon. The wagon had the kids and cat during driving hours and the Westy had peace and quiet!

4 days in Montana's Glacier National Park - before the fires brought moose, bighorn sheep, mtn goats, and even a few grizzlies into our camera lens.

3 days in Yellowstone culminated in being stopped by a herd of bison on the way out - amazing!

We then started the real driving enjoying Devil's Tower, Mt Rushmore, and Badlands National Park thru eastern WY and western SD.

The Westy cruised at up to 70 MPH for hundreds of miles on end. I had never pushed it that hard before and it worked like a champ. We had a little scare in Iowa with the oil pressure light but I think it must have been caused by the lack of ethanol in their gas.

If you are heading across the northern route xcountry I highly recc. getting off of I-90 and onto some of the secondary roads. They are often just as fast and you get to see the towns and meet the people that make up this great country!


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Sounds like an awesome trip. One point though, Iowa has ethanol in the gas. it's the corn capital of the world after all.


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In ten days my wife and I are driving from Boston to Spokane Washington. We have decided to try going the Canada route. Drive to Montreal and hang a left. If anyone has any must see places or adventures please let me know I am unfamiliar with much of the route.

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The trip across on KH 1 should be good road & conditions, i.e. Interstate type highway. Since you will be passing Sault Ste. Marie, I'd suggest a duck-down to first catch the locks between Huron and Superior. It is awesome to see those big ore-carriers fit through and they supposedly have an excellent Great Lakes Museum. Then drop a few miles further down I-75 to the Straights of Mackinac. The bridge across give a beautiful sight, but stay long enough to catch a boat over to Mackinac Island and take one of the horse-drawn tours -- no cars allowed on the island -- and have lunch at the grand hotel. Pretend you're the super-rich (the lunch prices are reasonable) on a society vacation!

Thunder Bay at the other end of Lake Superior has a rich maritime and settler history.

The run across the lower plains of Manitoba & Sakatchewan are, well lots of plains. I found it a good place to make up time by getting some cool night driving.

When you reach Calgary, besides the many attractions of Calgary itself, you owe yourself a run up the Canadian Rockies to Banff & Jasper NP's. They rival anything we have in the US. A stop at Lake Louise in Banff is another opportunity to experience what was once only for the super-rich. There are special vehicle tours out on the Glaciers, too.

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Westfakia Junior Member posted September 30, 2002 10:02 PM

While not exactly a destination, we just finished a quick 3-day trip to retrieve a '93 Eurovan we bought via eBay.

Here's a trip report:



Karl & Kristina Bloss - Hurricane, WV
'85 Westfalia Camper "Fred"
'87 Westy Weekender "Bev" http://members.citynet.net/bloss/vw/
'93 Eurovan MV (yet to be named)
"Bound to cover just a little more ground..."


With all due respect to Capt. Mike's opinion of the canadian praries. Don't go "dissing" the praries.
We commute several times a year from Thunder Bay to the west coast. Having driven the drive a thousand times, seldom do it the same way twice. When we get west of Kenora we turn west on any available road, paved or not. We have often times drive 3000 miles of gravel to get 1800.

Every turn has something to note, The snake pits north of Winnipeg (amazing, find the Narcisse snake pit web sight), worth whatever extra drive, Riding Mountain Park, Spruce Woods, Lake Winnepeg, the swinging bridge in Souris Mb. The Sand Hills, Cyprus Hills in Ab, Diefenbaker Lake,the north and south Sask. Rivers, Price Albert Park, La Ronge, The dinasouer digs in Drummheller Ab. I could go on and on. As always, get off the Trans Canada, get off the four lane. Find the smallest road you can find that lead generaly where you want to go. You soon find that though the ground seems flat from the 4 lane, it is far from it off it. I have met some of the nicest people, seen some of the coolest things in the most out of the way places. (best small town cafe food as well.

Western Canada has more out of the way places than places. To most people, Swift Current is a small place, to me it is too big!


P.s The same can be said of almost everywhere. I do the same thing across Mt, Nd Wyo. etc. We are off next week to Maine from Vancouver for a work jaunt. Be back via Montreal and Thunder Bay in July. Gonna drive 4 lane to get to work, back road it back.

Capt. Mike

Didn't mean to come off as "dissing" the Prarie States & Provinces. I've spent some delightful wanders there when time allows. I guess I was really thinking of our own plains where we often need to have a section of making-up time, which in our case means crossing the praries on an Interstate type highway. Unfortunately, those roads rarely take you within a sight, or even a stone-throw of anything great and thus our choice for through-the-night legs. There are notable excptions. Ever been to Wall Drug or the Corn Palace in SD? So apologies if it seemed like dissing -- meant to be a comment on time management of the longer trips.


All in good fun Mike. Too many people spend all thier energy going to the "name brand" destinations, and miss the point that getting there isn't just have the fun, but is the fun. Any road with a Westy on it is all good.


Capt. Mike

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Key West to Burning Man

scruffyboy Member Posted August 04, 2007 11:47 PM

I've made this trip several times in various vehicles (Mostly Westys) and the trip has ALWAYS been different each time. I try to change my route each year so I DON'T wind up seeing the SAME thing every year I go. I've got an 82 Westy so I usually travel at night. Last year I went through Death Valley in August at high noon without a hiccup! (Thanks Bob!) I'm always astounded at the things I see.


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NH to GA to NH

Hi there Just wanted to say we are planning a trip in our 84 Westy. Its 1st big trip...Has 41K original miles and is all checked over and wants to go on a longer journey. I heard it saying so :) Before it has made it to Maine and Conn. We are planning our 1st long journey it it . Down to GA along the coast back up through the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are planning on a two week trip. Any suggestions or places not to be missed..We have an plan but is always open to change. Should be fun and maybe we will see other Westys travelling along at the same time in SEpt.

Traveling is so much fun as long as your not in a hurry to get there. :)



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Where is the BEST National Park?

Hey People,
I am a proud new owner of a 1987 Westy and am hitting the road on a cross country National Park tour. There are so many places and parks that have to be seen but i don't know where to start. i am looking for any suggestions of your personal favorites and why. Your help will help me plan my journey. Thank you!