Corvair conversions


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I think that the transvair conversion is the best way to go with air cooled westy's. It uses the corvair engine and transmission instead of the van engine and tranny. The engine has a stock horse power of 110 and fits in the bay window vans like it was made for the van. The kit uses a corvair tranny because a corvair engine runs counter clockwise and the vw runs clockwise. The tranny is considerably stronger and holds up to big v-8 conversions in the corvair. Corvair used three tranny's dureing its life, a three speed manual,a four speed manual, and a two speed auto that all performed well in the corvair cars and vans. The transvair kit is available for the 2spd auto or the 3spd manual (the 4spd is two long) at Clarks corvair with a variety of other stock and performance parts for the corvair. corvair underground is another supplier of corvair parts. Don't get me wrong i love the vw engine but it is just to small for a van and I'm not about to find a place for a radiator on an air cooled van.
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I'm just starting to look for a nice rust free Westfalia. How hard is the engine swap? Are all the parts included in the kit to get the job done? Any websites with photos? That's the only thing that has me down on the vans-the lack of power. What about a turbo Corvair engine? Would that fit ?



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My user name use to be 1973transvair but I forgot my password and don't use the same e-mail any more.

The engine swap is fairly easy if you by the kit from clarks corvair parts. Go to
to see pictures of some one else's transvair. Unfortunatly I do not have my van any more I had to give it away. I still have the corvair engine and all the part to put in a van when I find one though. The turbo is not recomended Because of the torque curve.

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Corvair Replacement

I bought an 81 vanagon that has a 2 spd automatic corvair engine in it. It was also converted from a stick shift to an automatic. Instead of having an automatic gear shift it has a small toggle switch that is seated in a wooden box and attached to the front lower side of the dash. It doesn't have a park position and although it does have a reverse, neutral, and 1st and 2nd speed, it only has the markings for "neutral". I would like to replace this with a normal automatic gear shifter. I have visited Clarks Corvair as suggested for kits, and couldn't find this part. I also looked into Corvair Underground, but got sidetracked with the warning website that advises people to avoid dealing with this business due to theft. Does anyone have a suggestion of where else I might look for the 2 spd automatic gear shifter for the corvair engine?

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Hello Westy Girl,
Corvair autotrans known as a powerglide have no 'Park'. They have just two forward speeds (low and drive), Reverse and neutral. I have an 82 Westy that I am getting ready to install a corvair engine with a powerglide transmission. In the stock corvair the gearshift lever was mounted in the dash. I think that I am going to moung mine on the side of the drivers seat. I have just pulled an engine and transmission out of a 'donor corvairt that I have here. How do you like the setup overall ? What kind of milage are you getting ?