Connecting Two LP Tanks


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I have seen posted here in the past information about connecting two tanks together... I can no longer find this.

Can anyone help with this proceedure.?

Should I connect on the high pressure side and use the original regulator..? or

Add another regulator and connect on the low pressure side.?

Are the two lines coming out of the original regulator two different pressures.. ie: the stove on high pressure.?

Thank you in advance and any pics or web sites would be appreciated. Don

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The stove has a 2nd regulator. See the factory parts diagram on my pics site linked from the home page.

RE: adding a 2nd tank. :confused: Why? I get a month out of a factory tank fill with heavy fridge use (16 or so hrs per day), lots of cooking plus heating water for baths. A 2nd tank means extra maintenance, weight and safety considerations. Is it worth it?
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Capt.... this reply smacks of the last reply I got from you about adding a second Aux. battery ... sometime last Fall.

I did add the extra battery and the type of use our VW gets.. (ie. this year three months down through Central we are leaving in three weeks for South America...) we have deffinately used and needed the third battery....Figuured it out on our own...

We have already added the second tank and used it as a "high pressure" tank for an external stove/barbeque... We want the ability to use this tank to also run the fridge... we aren't always near an "RV" park or for that matter a service station where we can get our propane filled....

I HAVE seen a post on adding a second tank and I hope that one of the other contributors can help answer my request... or at least point me in the right direction... Thank you... Don

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Running out of Propane

schurrda, Junior Member, 03-29-2001 11:16 PM

I've just returned from my second consecutive trip ('86 Westy) where the propane ran out at an inconvenient time and place. I'd like to do something about this. I talked to my propane dealer who suggested two solutions and I wonder if there's other ideas out there that others have tried.

Here are his suggestions:

Making up a hose that would dump Coleman-type propane cylinders into an empty Westy tank (until the pressure equalized in both containers.

Mounting an identical Westy propane tank on the opposite side of the under-frame; connecting this via a valve to the main tank before the regulator (which would have to be moved forward).

It would sure be nice to solve this annoying problem ( I did buy a small single burner aux stove so we did have our morning coffee -- but the frig . . .?)

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cjoyal Junior Member posted July 17, 2003 01:09 AM

I recently bought a 1984 Westy. Unfortunately it had the propane tank removed and the copper lines cut near the connections.

I've heard of some people connecting lines that lead outside of the van where a small temporary tank can be connected while parked. The tank can be connected when in use then disconnected and stored inside the van when not in use.

Any pointers, experiences or recommendations.

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Bajatacoma Member posted January 07, 2004 10:44 PM

Why not have your local propane dealer install a quick connect to the end of the line and then have the other part on your tank line. You can easily do this yourself, just be sure to use the connectors made for gas and to check your connections for leaks afterwards. You could also plumb it to take those disposable 1# cylinders if you wanted. is just one of the places that sells lots of different fittings.

You can buy small three gallon tanks that look like small versions of the 20# tank on your gas grill at places like Northern Tool or Tractor Supply Co.


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Has anyone every tried simply modifying the system to allow the hookup of external tanks, such as those used for barbecues and other RVs?