Complete Newbie!! Not even sure where to start. Help please!!


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Hi everyone. I've recently made a monumental decision to alter my search from a sportsmobile to a westy. Aside from the tremendous cost difference, there's something special about westy's that make me yearn to hit the road and never look back. Problem is that now after researching sportsmobiles rather exhaustively, I'm back to square one as I know nothing about westy's. I would love a mentor or two on this journey. Maybe someone that can get me headed in the right direction at least as to preferable model years, what to look for and what to avoid. I definitely want a full camper as I will be traveling extensively. Thank you

victor gallardo

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Hi . You are welcome to call me @ 805312 5170. I have had 15 in my life time. (70). Been to Alaska and have lived in one with wife and two kids. Great way to go. I too talked with sports mobile folks when they were in San Diego. From there they moved to Fresno, ca....vw camper that's the way to go.