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Delta, CO

Bob Birkholz
Grand Mesa Imports
1526 Hwy 50
Delta, CO 81416
(970) 874-5361

His work hours are 9-6 weekdays.

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Capt. Mike

Boulder, CO

sabo Member # 655 posted 05-07-2001 11:52 PM

Wolfsburg Autowerks in Boulder, CO. Mark is a "one man show" so things might take a bit longer to get done than at other shops, but he seems to really know his stuff and tells it to you straight up. If you are calling around getting estimates, give him a call and after talking for a while, I think you will feel great about having him do the work.

Wolfsburg Autowerks
1001 Lee Hill Rd. #4C
Boulder, CO
(303) 998-1859

Colorado Springs, Co

medicin777 Member # 663 posted 05-23-2001 12:38 PM

The mechanic's name is Terry, and I believe the name of his shop is German Auto Repair. We were traveling through his area in need of repairs and advice. He got everything done very quickly, was very fair with pricing, and was very happy to explain and advise a new westy owner on some simple problems I was having. If I lived in Colorado springs, he'd be my mechanic.. hands down. Highly reccomended!

JC Junior Member # 1344 posted 08-01-2001 01:47 PM

I checked out to see if Terry is around still in Colorado Springs. It turns out that Terry has head to Alaska and no longer services VW's in Colorado Springs.

Walter Nielsen Junior Member # 131 posted 11-26-2001 12:05 PM

I just converted an 86 Syncro to Syncro Westy. It looks like factory. I also am a Vanagon mechanic in Colorado Springs. My e-mail address: or Phone: 719-591-4156.

Denver, CO

DavidVance Junior Member # 57 posted 01-15-2001 11:21 PM

G&G Import Auto Clinic
4705 W. 38th Ave.
Denver, CO 80212

My highest recommendation. They're honest and they know Vanagons. I bought my 90 Westy while living in Denver and had it serviced there for 2 years (before moving to San Antonio). Before buying the van, I'd had a leak-down test done per Capt. Mike's advice. Results were not promising and I expected to put a new engine in it and told the guys at G&G so when I took it to them. Turns out someone had misadjusted the lifters. Three years and 40,000 miles later the engine is still great (knock on wood!). Many times afterwards I took the van to them asking for one expensive repair or another only to have them tell me it wasn't needed, that something far cheaper was the culprit. In all of my dealings with G&G I felt I was treated fairly and honestly.

JoelD Junior Member # 872 posted 07-05-2001 10:26 PM

Just thought I'd relay that I stopped in and tried to get these guys to work on my Westy and was turned away. They informed me that, though I saw several Westfalias and Vanagons out front, they were no longer servicing them at G & G. The guy said "they're just not profitable for us." Something to do with the height of a Westy in relation to the height of their garage.

86Syncro Member # 1031 posted 07-21-2001 09:32 PM


I used to go to Wagonwerks when I lived in Denver (at 11th and Speer- entrance in the alley). Bill Fox who owns the place is a great guy both as a mechanic and a person. I never had an expensive bill but he is often pretty busy.

busboy5447 Junior Member # 2962 posted 01-08-2002 08:08 PM

The best VW mechanic in the denver area is Blazer automotive. They are located in the 3800 block of South Broadway in Englewood. (Kenyon + Broadway) 1 block south of hampden/285. Larry, the owner is a good guy and is up front and honest about vw's. They know their volkswagens. One whole wall of the office is covered with various VWOA certificates. Also I believe 3out of 4 mechanics there drive Vanagons so I think they know them pretty well. They do great work on my cars. And have pretty good prices.


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VWs unlimited on first and railroad in Loveland Colorado, highly recomended. They get all the fun things I dont have time / paitence / knowledge to deal with and they are honest.


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Frey's Foreign Car Service
2550 49th Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
tel. 303 440-0725

Mark Frey has been working on my ('87 Jetta,'90 Vanagon GL) and my wife's ('90 Corolla,'98 Forrester) cars for the last five years. We've always been happy with the work that was performed.
Mark's pricing is fair and he knows VW/Audis and their quirks, as he owns a Vanagon himself.


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Wolfsburg in Boulder...
I have a '71 and have been taking it to Mark for some time now. He really does know his VWs inside and out and is willing to kick back and share a beer with you over some stories. He comes highly recommended.


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I just purchased a westy in boulder long distance and had Verner at Verner's automotive look things over. (303-444-8307) I thought he went above and beyond for someone shopping over the phone. He took lots of time on the phone telling me what to look for, advising, and even making his cell and home phone available on the weekend if I had questions while looking over my prospect.

I'd highly recommend Stormin Norman's bug shop. While in college, Norman himself was like a father to me when I had my 79 westy. Honest, knows his stuff and of course, went above and beyond. Now I believe his partner, Rick owns the shop. He is equally skilled and just a great guy. Sorry, don't have the phone number available.
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Telluride Region: Therin in Norwood at Foreign Car 970-327-4045 is THE MAN! Most knowledgable mechanic I've ever met - he builds and races rally cars, but hates VW's - nevertheless count yourself lucky if he'll work on your van!
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Frisco, CO

High Country Automotive Repair
(970) 668-8288

Owned and operated by Steve and Kari. Their shop may service all types of vehicles, but they own a Westy themselves. Thus they know them inside and out and work on plenty of them for their loyal customers. Over charging or doing unnecessary work does not happen here. The work is done right the first time. If by wild chance there is a continued problem, I know they would stand behind their work. A true, on the level, shop that is honest in every way. Is this possible? You betcha! I love these guys!


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Boulder: Verner's Automotive


Let me second the recommendation for Verner's Automotive. He has done a great job keeping my Syncro Westy running right. I am especially impressed by his ethics. I had a recent breakdown that was caused by a mistake in his shop. He took responsibility for the mistake, paid for the tow, and didn't charge a cent to set things right. Anybody can make a mistake, and what really matters is how they recover from the mistake. In this case, Verner and his team did the right thing.
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