Carrying an 18' canoe atop a 93 Westie without a roof rack


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I will be taking our 18' Chestnut canoe down to my daughter in Nebraska & will be leaving it with her. As this is a one time only thing, I don't want to instal a roof rack. Has anyone transported a canoe without a rack before & if so how do you recommend it's done to avoid damaging the fiberglass roof & how would you tie it down as there are no side gutters? I do realize that the roof of course cannot be elevated with the canoe on.
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Let me qualify this first by saying I have never tried this on my Westy, but on many other vehicles. Your obvious one shot solution to me would be to use the common foam blocks at the four stress points on the gunnels and tie down the bow and stern. This should be adequate for short, slow hauls. The bow/stern ties should be adequate for the cautious driver. If you feel you need added midship tie down, I haven't a clue.